My Name Means Pure...

Hey, I felt like I needed a personal blog about me and for my art and acting, and stuff.

I guess I'll tell you a little bit about me...

My name is Bianca (named after shakespeare and bianca jagger), I am a teaching assistant at a non for profit art school for underpriviledge youth in Chicago. I am a professional Artist and Actor!

As for art...

+I make plushies and fiber sculptures, under the name Usagi's Kitchen

+I Teach...well I mentioned that before.
+I make films for fun
+I do photography
+I am a freelance graphic designer.
+I also run a magazine (editor-in-chief, that is) Called eleanor. (yes lower case) check it out at
+I am a film minor

As for acting...

+I am a performance in theatre Major.
+I've done high school shows and grassroot theatre work
+I want to be a film actor
+Its my 2nd love (first being Jesus)

I love life, I am in love, I have a great family and a wonderful boyfriend whose an artist as well. I never limit myself, and I do whatever I feel I want to explore aaaalll I can do, I'm even starting a fashion line.

I was raised to be an enterprise, so hopefully in a few years, you'll hear about me.