It's been a while

me and my flowers from him...<3>

I updated eleanor, so there! I was in the hospital this week for testing, but they screwed my over so its going to continue into next week when it was only supposed to be just this weekend. And the funniest part is that I'm only allowed to sleep have the hours than normal, meaning 4 hrs of sleep. UGGGH..

But besides being tired, my life has been going well. Did I tell you? I fast at the beginning of every year, this isn't to brag, but to just let you know, I pray and fast to start each year off well, ya know? Fresh start with God and getting my mind clear from all the crap. I was really praying for peace, recently I've allowed my life to just set my mind on fire. I can't sleep or res
t and I allow fear to just take over my life. I try to hard to be perfect in God's eyes and without sin, but it just blows up in my face and when I fail in the smallest degree I just lose my mind. But recently, things have gotten better. I don't want to be on drugs for anxiety @_@ so I'm trying (with God's help) to keep my cool. And just be carefree!

Anyway, Let's see...I'm really sad because I wanted to go see The Flight of the conchords in april but no one wants to fork up the cash to go. But if you want to come with me LEMME KNOW!! On the plus side, I think I'll be doing a Japanese street style fashion show for ACEN in may so that will be great publicity for my zine and my art! Oh and can I just add the Dave has just been a doll lately? ( he always gets mushy around the time we first met, i think spring is like his mushy cycle, you know boys have emotional cycles like women? They just last for seasons, unlike days in women.) He bought me FLOWERS!!! Something he hasn't done in a year, and took me out to lunch twice this week. Today we went to this place called A.Fusion by my house which is a Joy Yees wannabe (its good) and tonight we're going to the movies. I slept in all day until noon when we went for lunch, but now all is well...I'll let you know how al
l this medical testing goes >_<'' tell next time, here's what I wore to lunch today and what I'm wearing to dinner tonight! See yous!

going out on a date.:)

Coat: Heatherette
Hat: Mommy Made
Purse: ? gift
tiny star purse: Betsy Johnson

Hat: Mommy Made
Tights: ?
Skirt: from like 7th grade
Sweater: Borrowed from mom

shoes: jc pennys

went out friday morning for sushi! At this new place called A.Fusion

Leather Jacket: Thrifted
Bomber: Harakjuku Lovers
Jeans: Vigoss
T: Volcom
Scarf: made by me
Glasses: Thrifted
Hat: Made by mommy <3>