It's almost halloweeeeny!

Quick post!

Technically I'm in my Graphic Design class, and my teacher doesn't like the internet...BUT ITS SO EAZY TO GET DISTRACTED!

sooo I decided I wanted to quickly show you a few things that remind me of HALLOWEEN!

Anybody else as excited as I am? I feel like because of the economy, swine flu, and other humbuggery we NEED something to celebrate! ^_^ and I usually never celebrated Halloween in the past but this year, I will join in the festivities just cause I need a break too. (And I have a huge @$$ midterm tomorrow b4 any festivites can begin -_-;;;)

Okay so I wanted to show you this!

this is a video some kids at my old university did as a project, but it's perfect for the season!

and don't these songs remind you of hallow's eve?

Music Playlist at

heads will roll- yeah yeah yeahs

(ps. Karen O kicks Lady GAGA butt ANYDAY-period)

for halloween-no kids

bite hard- franz Ferdinand

Vampire- antsy pants

checky out the YYY’s video too

I mean what’s cooler than a Micheal Jackson wearwolf?!

These songs are definitely getting me into the mood whilst I do my compisitons over and over again.
Furthermore---what are you guys going to be? Are you too grown up to have a little fun?
No I’m not going to be a little skank with ears…I’m going to be *dramatic music*

After class I’m going to run to the beauty supply and dye my hair al-ah purple! I’ll show you results later.

Oh and sorry for a rambling
post but one more thing—I decided to where a black henry bendell turtle neck and cat ears I got from JoAnns and everyone starred at me like I was CRAZY—I know it’s not Halloween yet but c’mon people, have SOME FUN! Don’t you remember celebrating Halloween in your 1st grade class whether or not it was the actual date.

Oh well, some people just can’t take a joke…x_x

Happy Halloween guys!