almost the weekend

Jeez guys another CRAZY week for me how about you all?
Lets just say I'm super glad it is almost over!!!

So, what are your plans, I am curious to know!! :) This weekend I plan on going to see that new Joseph Gordon Levitt/Zooey Deschanel (such cuties!) movie, 500 days of summer. I hope its good I have heard nothing but good things. Other than that I start work in a bit, giving tours of campus, then off to my next job teaching video game programming! WOO- what a week!!

By before I run off I wanted to share a few shopping escapades with you. When I got of school for the summer I got these cute betsey johnson necklaces as a good job present. My mom bought the lady bug, I got the panda one (he represents my panda prince..teehee!!)

Also when I went to mistuwa last month I got all these awesome zines, here's a few pf my faves: Non-no, BALIA, cutie, and Sweet. Plus BONUS: Sweet magazine came with this oh-so cute betsey johnson mirror. HOW SWEET RIGHT! (haha, that was kinda punny)

Another cute thing I just got (because I love to buy myself treats!!) is this cute jumper that I got down town that looks exactly like this one from yesstyle.

I've been wanting one of these sooo bad and I'm glad I finally got it!! I also got some other cute things that I hope to show you soon.

Plus tonite I'm wearing this cute little dress that is soooo free people, I love their stuff.

I did my hair all Lena fujii style because I wanted to be sweet for my man..^_~

Anyways, I hope you guys weekends turns out to be as great as I hope mine to be. I'm sure I'll be telling you all about playing more resident evil 5 (ah-ha!) Until next time ladies,




Jen said...

Oh that furoku is niiiiice!!! I haven't seen a mirror that opens like that given away before. Great score!

Bianca said...

Heh..thanks, yeah I simply bought the mag for the mirror!! And anna tsuchiya...I should really update my blog x_x