how was your week?

Mine was a little hectic. Not too bad, but crazy enough. I started a new term at my job through this non-for-profit art school I TA at in the city. This class I'm assisting is crazy fun too! It's a video game making class where the students create their own games. In fact the first day we had a pong tournament! Crazy cool right? Maybe I'm just old school.

Specifically for that week I painted my nails this cool purple gradient-- it was so cute. (**especially with the heart decal ^-^)

Other than that the week was great, it ended with a surpise bday party for my friend, whose birthday often doesn't get celebrated because it is in mid summer. I gave her some homemade cute things, I should show you some of the things I make soon! Especially because I do Artist Alleys at Cons!

Anyways, one weird thing that happened this week was this stealth bomber that was flying over my house. It made me SUPER NERVOUS!!!

But, maybe it was just rehearsing for the annual air in water show in Chicago next least thats what I kept telling myself to keep my cool.

Oh before I go, might I add that my weekend spent with my boyfriend was so much fun! We spent the whole evening playing Resident Evil 5! AHH! I loves it!

Okay well, I'm in the labs at school, sooo I gotta go, but I promise I'll update later this week!

Loves ya!