Its been a while

Now that school is out for the summer, I think I can FINALLY start updating this blog. Sorry guys for being MIA, but I'm back, until school starts, then well...I don't know what to tell ya...(tee hee)

Soo I'm sure you are wondering what I've been up to...I won't go on and on, I continue to update my life to you as the weeks go by.

RECENTLY I went to Mistuwa my most favorite place and stocked up on some goods!

I got the Milkita candy for my bro who just graduated college! I thought the cow with the little graduation cap and dipolma was SO CUTE! And they are mighty tasty! Plus my bro showed me the Rilakkumo candy which was so cute I couldn't leave it there. Plus I got these sanrio sugarbunnie ears! I am a brown bun so, I had too! I'll so you a pick with them on later...

We also went to IKEA, I've never eaten there before but the food is delish, and what made it even better, free sonic arcade!!

I think my mom wants to go to Hmart today, I've never been there before so I am excited!

One more update before I go shoppin'....I just saw Away We Go with Maya Rudolph and John Kraninski, and IT WAS AWESOME.

It made me cry and reminded me of me and my boyfriend (despite the whole pregnant thing) It's in my top five summer movies FOR SURE and I demand that its a MUST SEE!!! I haven't seen Transformers, but I'm sure this is much better because I'm positive that Transformers SUCK. Not because Transformers in themselves suck, but Megan Fox does...:P..
anyway thats all guys, I'll update more later! I promise, until then happy early fourth!!


Anonymous said...

Heyy! You go to Mitsuwa?!
I've herd of this place but I don't know how to get there!
Maybe you should take me there somedayy! hahaha

Bianca said...

OMG its the most awesome place! But theres like lots of Mistuwas in the US :/ I live by the one in the midwest, I'm not sure if thats by you, but if not you should still check it out!! :D