Truth Be Told....

I don't think I like gal fashion...



but it's true...I don't like it..

I thought I did, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable

Here's why:
(disclaimer, this is how i feel it portrays me, if you are in gal fashion I DO NOT feel this way about you at all, you're fabulous)

Reason #1
Gals tend to wear LOTS AND LOTS OF MAKEUP....I'm such a tomboy. sure I love a smokey eye, maybe some extended black eyeliner cat eye make up. But other than that, I could never go all out, falsies and all. I mean I LOVE long lashes, but I'm just not into all that makeup it makes me feel claustrophobic...Plus it makes me feel like I'm trying to hide something.

Reason #2
A lot of the clothes are simply too revealing, at least for my body I have a BIG BUTT, and some junk up top too I'm also almost 6 feet tall (unlike most popteen models) So to romp around it sweater dresses and OTK boots I look like a hooker. Living in a big city doesn't help, but when I did attempt to wear gal fashion people would try to PICK ME UP! Seriously, I DON'T like to get honked at and etc, so no thanks gals

Reason #3
I'm too lazy, and too poor to buy designer "gal" things. Sure I'll save my monies and buy something nice but I much rather go to Urban or Free People than to Zara or Gilfy where I won't want to wear the clothes. And cheetah print does not loot cute on me!!

I recently bought my first issue of popteen, I would sometimes look at scans from here
but when I first got my issue I was slightly overwhelmed. So much blonde, such big eyes, so many lashes, it was like biting into a giant cube of butter and sugar, my teeth burned!!!

That's when I knew, gal isn't for me. It works for so many other girls such as Rebecca, Jen, and Mitsu....but I feel like I just look ridiculous, that I'm not really following my heart...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in ANY way bashing gal, shibuhara, or gyaru fashion at all. Girls you are working it and look SO GOOD, for realsies. And girls getting into it now, you also look so cute too! I don't think that you are trying to hide anything under falsies or that you look like hookers, you girls look fabulous and inspired me to try it! It just didn't work out....

So after a little seoul searching i realized that I really like Uzzlang fashion, and a lot of other Korean looks. Yes, I love Japanese pop culture but Korean style suits me so much more!

Websites like Candypop
and LemonCookie
inspire me to mix and match high end with thrifting. To bust out my classic Nikes or rock a vintage sweater with some Vivianne Westwood pumps. Plus who doesn't love Sea of Shoes , Strawberry Koi, or

It's just SO ME! I love looking like an indie kid, hate hipsters if you want (I know I do sometimes lol) but hey, I'm from Chicago, I HAVE to be a hipster. NY is my second home as well, maybe us city kids just love stylish praticality. I can't worry about having flawless curls when I'm biking across town with my laptop in tow! Nor can I rock Ray Bans with Koji lashes. Korean fashion seems to be a little more "natural" (eh...well a little more natural despite a few enhancements rolf)

I choose UNIQLO over LIZ LISA

and so forth...I think you get the idea....

I think I will always dabble in gal, but a more indie kid look will always be my love. It feels so good to be honest. Now I know how posers So gals, I still want to be your friend, I just may look a little bit more like a lumberjack from Washington State--no worries, I think you'd love the real me too

And with that said...happy thanksgiving lovelies! Be true to you Whether that be gal, uzzlang, or even mamba, yes even mamba...if you're happy, so am I, and you look so cute too.

love always


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh there is nothing wrong with not being into gal at all, the great thing about fashion is you can wear whatever you feel suits you best^^

I like looking at gal fashion and magazines, but I don't wear it. I agree, it was made for a certain body type, and I don't fit it haha!

I had never heard of uzzlang before, thank you for introducing it^^ I still don't know very much about Korean cultural trends.

PetSugar said...

Lol I agree with you. Its just fun looking at insane beautiful fashion. Who the hell can pull that off!? I look at that stuff and get brainwashed into fantasizing about living it out but in all reality I'd rather die than leave my house like that lol.

Ray-Ray said...

I love korean fashion too! Have you heard of a site called

Bianca said...

yeah, I think I browsed through there once, I wasn't sure if they were better than yesstyle, do you know?