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Almost finals HUZZAH!!

My mom just called to fuss at me >_<. I hate it when I mess up. I don't think I ever told you but my mom is a fashion designer. She's been one all my life. (Her website is underconstruction but I'll place a link so you guys can see what she makes in like a few days or less) She's having a big showcase in 2 weeks and I over packed the suitcases after a photoshoot on Saturday. It looked like I was rushing to pack because I wanted to get home to catch SNL (which was a big disappointment) But I didn't mean to rip her designs and crush her feathers and stuff...siiiigh I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to mess up :(


How was your weekend? I was a model for my mommy, I also went on a hot date with my panda.

Here's a sample of my modeling skillz, I was kinda fooling around to let loose, I wish I wasn't so chubs

I have been modeling for my mom since I was a baby, I used to be like stick thin, then my dads genes kicked in and so did college! I've lost 20lbs but I kinda wanna get down to a size 6. I'm almost there. I should be there by march or april. I'm taking my time getting there so it lasts If you drop weight suddenly you gain it back. I really don't want to get smaller than that, I actually LIKE having a womans body. And not looking like a pre pubescent boy.

OH YEAH, the date. Nothing fancy really, I went to see this (new york, I love you)

it was pretty good. There was some slow parts thanks to Hayden Christensen, and the Shia LeBouf short was WEEEIIIRD but who likes them anyway :P (jk jk), the seniors story was adorable! I hope to be having a 62nd anniverasarie someday! Oh, if I didn't make this clear, New York, I love you is a series of shorts that take place in NY that talk about love in the city. It is a "sequel" to Paris, je t'aime...

Before the movie we went out for Italian food. We also went to starbucks and had cranberry bliss bar! I KNOW SO GUILTY, but SO GOOD, we shared it so it wasn't all me. Plus we stopped by borders (one of my favorite stores) and read children's books about Pandas! Hee hee! It was such a nice nite. I really needed a night out. I can't wait till be done with school. ONLY 14 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS BREAK!

Besides the modeling and going out I didn't do much, I actually went to be real early on Sunday because I was exhausted. BTW, I may not update my blog until after Thanksgiving if things get intense. we'll see. but I'll still comment on your blogs if you have one, cause I can do that during class..LOL

Okay, goodnight lovelies...

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all the goody goodness!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Wow, your mom is a designer and you model for her, that's very cool! I guess I am just lucky there is no way there would be any contact between me and my mom's work haha.

I agree, loosing weight slowly is the best way even though it's hard to wait for the results. Boo to 13 year old boy bodies, I've seen enough of that on women.

Your date sounds really nice and sweet ^^ I had never heard of that movie before. How interesting. Old people love is so cute ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi Bianca! You have an adorable blog here. :) Love the cute pic of you and that looks like a really fun movie!

Thank you for joining and posting my giveaway! Good luck and have a great Thanksgiving :D

Bianca said...

Thanks and Thanks! The movie was okay though, I suggest you all rent it! Don't waste your monies! hee hee