weekend is over

How was your weekend?

Mine was..looooooooong, but great!

I finally made it back to the Japanese market. I absolutely love going out there. I went with my older bro for some sibling bonding time. I scrambled right after work to go, but my brother missed the train into the city, on the bright side it gave me some time to do some outfit snaps...(sorry about the crappy phone pics and bathroom lighting--I had to do them quick its a public bathroom at a university!!)

***I was so glad that I bought this mickey shirt a few years ago. In fact I think I thrifted it for like a buck, and it is the same one featured in SCawaii this month! HEE HEE!


After I took my snaps, I met up with my bro. We took the blue line up north, caught the bus and made it there. Please note that THIS NEVER HAPPENS. There are always delays, it always freezing, or some type of disaster. This is the first time me and my bro were able to make it to the Japanese market with no commuting delays at all.

When we first got there we ate of course because we were STARVING, then we did some shopping. (I was sad that the bakery was out of panda bread , but alas, next time.)

For dinner
we both got Gabutto Burgers (amazing japanese burgers!!!) and my brother got this stuffed pancake filled with warm custard. (he let me have a piece it was delicious!)

(delicious pancake goodness)

Also we watched Japanese puppet dramas on the TV in the food court, it was so weird but soooo intriguing!!

When we did our shopping, I had to talk myself out of buying makeup. I wanted some so bad, but I had to stick to my list. (Although I really wanted some koji eye lashes, fairy drops mascara, and bihada ichizoku mascara, but I MUST save for christmas. T^T)

However, I still got a lot of stuff, but I didn't take pics so I'll show you later in the week because I left a lot of it at my mom's house.

I also picked up Popteen Nov, Jille Nov, and Zipper. Gotta have my zines! FO REALZ.

I really wanted some bath salts, but I'm going to do some research before I buy. I think the next time I go to the market I'll simply just focus on beauty products.

Oh and one more thing. At the market it was time for the annual ceremonial tuna cutting. THE TUNA WAS LIKE 300LBS! We wanted to buy some, but it was like $40 a piece.

big tuna, and not jim from the office. can you find the tuna? (20pts)

All in all, it was a great trip. I'll show you my haul later on this week. But now my friends, it's time for bed, I'm exhausted from this week, and last night I saw a 9pm showing of 2012. The movie is like 3 hrs long! Plus, the theatre screen kept blacking out so me and my bf got free movie passes--score! The lesson learned kids is to always complain until you get something out of it...

haha...night guys.


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh that is totally cool and lucky that you found the same Mickey sweater~! It's really cute.

Oh you are talking about Mitsuwa? I love that place, I've been to the one in San Diego a bunch of times. But I really want to see the one in Chicago too. Since it's way closer haha!

Bianca said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm talking about Mitsuwa, it's my favorite place too!