sunday is beauty day

My mom is blasting Christmas music downstairs, it makes me wanna dance no actually I was dancing LIKE A FOOL!! Happy holidaaaaays, happy holidaaaays I love bing crosby!

Okay so, I know you guys are anxious to know about Panda's showcase, and even about the Fashion show a few weeks ago I promise promise promise to update you all on all those things, tomorrow...

Today, since it's a Sunday I thought I'd share some
beauty tips with you all!

Now, I don't know about you all, but I'm a health nut, I spend most of my weekends perusing the isles of health food stores, anything not nature made with unwanted chemicals, count me out! Most of the juices I buy I make sure it's 100% juice (no high-fructose corn syrup for me!) or I either make it myself. Even the make up I buy is usually all natural, one of my lip glosses is made and taste like strawberries! So some of the tips I want to show you will be easy and stuff you can find around the house.

Now, anyone like to take hot soaking baths? I know I do! Especially sweat baths in onsen powders, problem is, sometimes when I buy a pack of minerals it simply just turns the water pink but does not make me sweat! I actually talked to one of the ladies at the health food store and she taught me a little trick to spread out my Japanese imported powders versus using an entire box.....

so when you bath is just warm....but you want it HOT

Just add about a cup of baking soda to the packet.
Or a cup of sea salt (which both are WAY cheaper than using an
entire box of individually wrapped powders)

And WALLAH! Your bath is nice and unbelievably sweaty. Don't forget to shower afterwards!

It's really important to take baths, and if you're a girl, it's REALLY important to take baths (ask your mommy's why) Plus, the reason why I and a lot others take sweat baths is to sweat out impurities in your body that can give you cold or flu's, or to sweat off that extra weight. Taking about one sweat bath a week will clear up your skin as well, it may flare up at first from your body being shocked from trying something new, but after while your body will sweat out free radicals, pollutions and other things we face everyday that makes our bodies sick without knowing!

Another tip I want to share with you all is a little thing I want to call grape seed oil. Now if your a woman of a certain age I'm sure you probably heard of this before. Grape seed oil, is like magic in a bottle, I swear! A little goes a long way, a lot of fancy skin care products put some in their lotions and etc, but why spend 18 or more on some fancy skin care that is mostly water when you can go to the grocery store and buy a whole bottle of it for like 5-9 bucks! Don't worry it doesn't have salt or garlic in it, it's just oil made from grapes!

You can use this in your bath--just a drop or two will do (not in a sweat bath btw just a nice soak) to moisturize your skin, especially in this dry cold weather. You can also put in on before you go to bed buy washing your faces and rubbing a few drops all over. I also do a japanese facial massage like this!

A few of the benefits are that it improves skins collage which prevents premature wrinkles, and it is 20 times greater than vitamin C, which means it will keep your skin tone balanced and even lighten it up a bit. You can read more benefits here.

And don't worry your skin will easily soak it up it won't feel oily at all, even if you have oily skin, that actually means your skin is so dry that it's trying to over produce! If you worry about break outs massage it on but then take a hot towel and rub it off. But you usually don't need anything more than a dime size amount. Plus, I suggest you take some of the oil and put it in a smaller bottle. The oil will last a few years, and if you put some that you'll use daily in a smaller bottle you won't contaminate the entire batch with dirty hands and etc.

Anyways, I'm sure I bored you enough will my health tips, but I hope you enjoyed them and even venture out to try them yourself! I have lost weight taking the baths and I have always struggled with eczema and other rashes, the grade seed clears it right up without any harmful steroids that skin creams sometimes have. Plus, if your hair is dry a little dab of grape seed will add bounce and shine! (depending on how thick your hair is...)

I hope you all try a tip or two and if you have any yourself, let me know! Now I'm off to a surprise party for someone special (shhhh! Don't tell!)

with love...

ps, don't forget to wear sunblock everyday! Even in the winter, don't forget the light reflects off the snow bouncing right back on your face!!


Abby Kihano said...

listening to classic christmas song is one of the best parts about the holidays! and dancing to it is another PLUS! ^_^

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Wow, your tips are totally awesome and useful. It's not boring at all!

I wish I could take baths sometimes, but our bathtub is really shallow, the plug doesn't work, and our water is always too cold haha.

I want to try the grape seed oil soon though. I am so worried about ageing skin, and my mom and Grandma just laugh at me ahaha

Lissy said...

I love your tips keep them coming :D

I have no choice to be a health nut because I have Celiac Disease and most of the products I can have are always usually organic and stuff I should really try harder to be more of a health nut though!

I wish so much that we had a bath our bathroom is tiny so there is no room T_T

Sometimes I worry that face massages may cause more lines from playing with the skin so much :( So I don't know what to do!?~

PetSugar said...

Wow I'm really going to try both the grape seed oil AND the sweat bath. My little amazinggg tip is dabbing a cotton ball of apple cider vinegar on pimples! And I guess its supposed to help with bruising too. Wow though I guess acne has various sources but it has completely eradicated mine.

Thao said...

Great tips! I used to take baths all the time, but haven't had time to do it in years. I think I need to start MAKING the time. I didn't know all that about sweat baths though. Sounds so relaxing with great benefits. My skin has been so dry that I've been taking quick cool showers instead of hot showers and I miss the relaxation of warmer water. Anyway, I like your content!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am a huge fan of baths so this post gets a big thumbs up from me. *^_^* Love your baking soda/sea salt trick. Will def have to try that next time! I haven't tried grape seed oil but will put that on my "to try" list as well after I'm done using my jojoba.

P.S Thank you sweets for the clear nail polish tip!

Bianca said...

Abby:Yes absolutely!!!

Sara Mari: Thanks, but how terrible about the bath! I need my baths lol, but give the grape seed a try, lemme know how it works!

Lissy:I will thanks, but don't worry, thats why it's important to do a proper massage to prevent and not cause wrinkles! Make sure you learn before you try!

Pet Sugar: !!! I do the apple cider vinger too! Lemme know how the sweat baths work for you!

Thao: Thanks! I'm glad I'm inspiring people to take a relaxing bath! hee hee Does cool showers prevent skin dryout?

ShopNChomp: Anytime! I learned that one on the streets lol! I wonder if jojoba has better benefits, although I learned that I even have grapeseed in my sunblock...