first day of winter...sorta

I know this post is sorta late..(eh-heh) But I hope you all have been enjoying the first OFFICIAL day of winter. I know us peeps in Chicago

me playing in all the snow fall whilst delivering gifts to friends!

I am excited about having a white Christmas, I don't think I had one in ages!!!

Anyway, this is just a quickie update before bed, I promise (I'm serious, I'vejust been so busy with Christmas preparations!!!) I blog more tomorrow, in fact I will set time out of my day to do so..hee hee

Oh btw, I'm SO GLAD about the positive feedback about my previous post. Perhaps I'll try to make that a regular thing on Sunday Spa Day

(I'm going to go a little "dear diary" on your starting now...)

I've been having quiet of a bit of a crazy week, but I'm so grateful for it all! I also been getting my crafting on (pictures soon!) Plus hanging out with old friends. The surprise party for Panda was a HUGE SUCCESS! I hanging out with all my friends in the basement brought back some gooooooood I had some great conversations with some of my friends I don't normally have one on one time with...

However, It's getting weirder now that we are getting older and I'm getting more noticeably womanly while they are all dudes (and getting all manly looking versus all pimplely and gangily..rofl) Yes all my friends are dudes, which I absolutely ADORE 'cept when they get girlfriends. Don't get me wrong, I love it when my guys get girlfriends, BUT, I don't like it when the girl cannot work seamlessly within the group. There are some that do, some are sisters and wives, but others just pull the group apart. Me and Panda were talking about sometimes we feel like our friends don't realize how awesome all of us are to have each other. I really am grateful for all of them, I hope that they all find wonderful wives and great jobs when we all graduate within the next year or two. However, it makes me sad sometimes because I heard once you get married you lose all your guy friends, will I still be their friend once I get married, will they still be mine? I know I can be intimidating to the "girl friends" too, which I can see the strain its put on my relationships that were once so strong fade out, I understand though. I would feel weird if Panda was hanging out with some other girl all the time, I wish there was a way for the worlds to co-exsist. Without fear of infidelity or jealousy. But whatcha going to do, it's simply how life goes, ya know? This is why I need more girlfriends, but they are so much work! Guys are easy.....too

Oh well, nothing makes the day better than an impromptu movie nite, featuring Tokyo Zombie (Tadanobu Asano is HOTNESS, I feel bad lovin Chara's ex tho)

Nite everyone! Thanks for listening to me rant x_x


さらまり said...

Oh the photo of you is soooo cute, and your outfit is lovely. The panda earmuffs suit you well^^

Yeah please write more beauty tips, you have great ideas and facts I never knew before!

I know what you mean about friends and drifting and such. All my friends are (were?) girls and once they started getting the steady bfs suddenly they don't have time for anything else. It's really uncool.

Jenny said...

Adorable earmuffs!!

Your previous post was really helpful! I knew about the salt but not the baking soda :DD

Oh teh girlfriends.... they often view any girl "friend" as threat number 1 and get that snot attitude =__=;;.

Bianca said...

sara mari: Oh thanks, I love them sooo much!! And yes significant others tend to ruin things x_x

Jenny: Thank yous! Glad to help of course! and the snot attitude is the worst!! UGH! I get that all the time, and I'm not even touchy feely towards boys either...maybe it's because I can play video games with them and all the gf want to sit around and look cute x_x

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your outfit's adorable. Love those panda muffs! :D