JENNY'S RIGHT (bianca's boom..) *pic heavies*

I was really inspired by Jenny's post today, and you know what-- I totally agree. I'm the kind of girl who LOVES fashion, back in the day I used to go shopping every weekend (obviously this is before college stole my money ;_;) But now I am up to my ears in crap clothes! I Have tons of stuff but I always feel like I have nothing to wear.

So I'm starting my resolutions earlier, and one is: No more junk clothes for the sake that they are on sale or whatever! I want quality stuff that reflects *ME* and my style, rather than "kinda does" or gets lost in translation. No more trend pieces that I cannot wear with anything that I got on sale and will ultimately fall apart! It doesn't necessarily have to be from Asia, but it has to have a point towards being bought. I have so many items that were bought because they were cute that don't even work well with my body type (especially anything with lots of ruffles) I'm really glad I bought all these basic Tees the other day when I went out shopping with my mom; you can never go wrong with basic items versus a bunch of comic tees from Delias that you bought in high school.

Therefore, remember how I told you I was really getting in Korean Fashion, I made of list of things I need in order to improve my look ('cause I wanna be bangin'!) Don't get me wrong though, I love love love to give stuff away, I have always been fortunate to have a mom who spoils me and a sister in law who does as well. Sometimes I give stuff away to my mom's friends who have young daughters or Panda's little sis whose into "alternative" wear. I also don't mind chuck it all to the salvation army or I sell it to clothing exchanges. I am so grateful to have so much stuff and some things I will always keep like my tailored Paul Frank Blazer or my beat up chucks from High School. And thank you all who got me things! But now it's time for a change and have fewer high quality item, then lots of trendy clothes from high school x_x

....ON to the list! My Boom/wish list would include:

1. A funky sweatshirt or two ( or three or four) Here's two great one's from SHY SHY and QT GIRL from yesstyle (plus an animal style romper too!) I've noticed that oversized or just fun sweatshirts in general are all the rage in Korean style...

2. A Commes Des Garcon's Play Shirt...I love Junya Watanabe and since I cannot afford Commes des Garcon regular line, Play will have to do and it's so playful!! haha

3. K-Drama influenced Jewerly (the first one is from Boys over Flowers) as well as some Vivienne Westwood (of course! I already have the skull one, but I really want the jupiter style kind!)

4. Imju Fiberwig for those oh-so natural lashes...(tee hee) The Natural look is more popular in Korea than a big Gyaru style make, I feel awkward about falsies, I wonder if this can solve the problem for me :D

5&6 lots and lots of shorts, they seem to be all the rage...I really like the one's with the fur, I think I'll make them ^_^ Plus with all these shorts a girl is going to need fun tights!

7. Skinny Salopette, unlike the baggy style of Jumper seen in the shibuhara style, the skinny salopette is more of the Korean style

8. REALLY distressed Jeans, I gotta love them. Isn't the leopard a nice detail... I really like these acid wash one's as well. They are totally a throwback to like kindergarten for me! Lols.

9. I really like these boots, I saw Gurico wearing them in the Dec issue of Zipper. I love these I hope I can find them for big ol feet like mine!! Ah Gullie is so cute!

And finally,

10. Brown Pents (lol thats how the were spelled on the Korean website..haha) Brown dickie pants would be nice, they match with everything so well. It's unexpected too unlike jeans...even though I am trying to get out the habit of wearing pants.

I hope to be able to either make these looks on my own or buy them somewhere, I know yesstyle is a greatplace to start!! I'm excited about getting my look right and giving more stuff away! Anyway, on that note I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas early eve since I've been up forever and it's already christmas eve!!! Plus thanks for all for comments on the last post I hung out with the guys again today it was still a lot of fun and sweet as always. Except for all the farts -_-''' siiigh oh well.



Leanne said...

I know how you feel. A lot of my wardrobe is full of clothes I barely touch. I seem to wear the same clothes. A while ago I decided that I'd only buy things I really liked and suited me no matter the price (kind of). However because I'm rather small and picky I barely get anything when I go shopping. If I'm lucky I purchase one item. I spend more money on food =__=;;

Shop N' Chomp said...

LOL at the farts! XD Great post and boom list! I have definitely been trying to invest in more quality pieces over the years. Especially when it comes to shoes a ha! =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

P.S I think you'd look fab with a lighter hair color ;)

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

But now I am up to my ears in crap clothes! I Have tons of stuff but I always feel like I have nothing to wear. << That is so like me! Haha, I need to learn to stay out of the children's section XP

I love everything on your lists, it's really cute. Buying a few great and versatile pieces is definitely the way to go.

I think all those pieces will suit you perfectly! You seem to understand your bodyshape and look better than me. I'm still trying to figure it out haha!

Bianca said...

leanne: me too, i'm actually looking forward to not having buyers remorse

Lisa: Haha thanks, I was not kidding about the farts tho -_-, I denno tho, I already shaved my head once for damaged hair I worked too hard to do it again x_x

sara mari: Its fun to find the right clothes I think, try things out find a defined style, you'll feel more confident than always falling back on jeans and a least thats what I'm trying not to do anymore!

Lissy said...

I have Imju fiberwig! Its great you won't be disappointed ^_^ [It lengthens more than gives volume just so you don't get disappointed]

I love everything on your list you have the best style! <3

Ray-Ray said...

Looks to me like you're justifying a shopping spree... hehe!