oh by gosh by golly....

(mini tree in my boudoir)

It's time for mistletoe toe and holly....

Hey guys, ITS ALMOST CHIRSTMAS! And for some of you it already is Christmas! But regardless merry Christmas everyone!

Today I finished all my holiday crafting with love, I also made Panda a batman book cover with a moleskin sketch book inside, but I forgot to photograph it x_x sowwies!

For all my loves I made them cards outta old skool construction paper!

For my good friend I made him a plush tape with a jump drive in it with some of our favorite bands!

For my other great friend I made him a plush version of his awesome mustache (lol)

But he also comissioned me to make him a plush turtle for his niece, isn't she adorable!! I wanted to keep her so bad!! I mimicked her shell from a roller derby girl.WHIP IT!

I also made myself some K-Drama inspired earring today whilst chatting with my mommy. I really love how they turned out, they are so adorable!Great for my new wardrobe!

A few hours ago my brother, Panda and I were making cookies, we will put icing on them tomorrow but here's a sample of Panda's Solid Snake (big boss) Sugar Cookie, intense right? Got to love it!

Anyway today will be a short post, I need to get in the bed before Santa passes over my house! I hope you all get what your little hearts desire, be grateful for what you already have and I also hope you all spread the love and warmth of Christmas throughout the next couple of days, even months! Spread Love! (tell someone you love them today!) Thanks you all for sharing it with me...I leave you all with some silly snaps of the season in Chicago...(merchandise mart and santa "L" train)

Imagine having to take this during evening rush hour...lols!

Have a holly jolly Christmas! Oh by golly!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Merry Christmas to you as well!! Were you able to sleep well? Not too excited? hehe^^

Wow! I didn't know you were so super talented and crafty~~ Those cards look awesome and the plush turtle is just perfect. It looks really professional!

Did the Snake cookie turn out? My 2nd bf used to play that game, so atleast I know who that character is haha.

The train decorations are very nice, but do people leave them be? I imagine they might be vandalized.

Again Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years!

Tutti Patuti said...

merry xmas
i love the cookie. it looks so good. very creative!!!!!!! i wish i can make one too

Bianca said...

Sara Mari: I slept like a baby! I most ppl just let the train pass through and wait for the next one lol! The cookie turned out great, pictures soon! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too!

Tutti Patuti: Thanks! Merry Christmas

Lissy said...

Merry Christmas!

Your friends are so lucky to be given such thoughtful cute plushies!!

The trains look so cool I love when everything gets in the Christmas spirit even transport! LOL

Ray-Ray said...

Oh wow the gifts you made look amazing... I'm going to have to steal the tape USB drive idea... I've got some birthdays coming up!

Bianca said...

lissy: thanks, I'm sure everyone gets annoyed by it though

Ray ray: I'm glad to inspire you!