weekend update

(excuse my bf creeper face in the background lol)

sorry for disappearing for so long, (okay like 3 days) but in the blogging world that might as well had been a year! Anyways....here's what you missed..

On friday I went to my friends monthly game-nite! (I'm loser baby :P) It was a white elephant/yankee swap style party this time around. And for those who don't know what either of those are; a white elephant is similar to a "secret santa" except you find something around your house to give--and knowing me I have a lot of crap! (nice crap) And Yankee Swap goes under the same concept except if you see someone with a better gift you can steal it!^.^ I stole this little fella!

Which was fine because the girl was able to steal my gift donation from someone else. She was so stoked! It contained a Japanese Magazine, some homemade plushies, some bath salts, green tea, and some lotte candies. I'm glad she got my gift donation I was worried someone was going to be like "oh japanese crap...." But no, she was thrilled!

look at all the gifties!

Some people got some crap, lol, my roomate got an ugly painting, and my boyfriend got homemade cookies (which were okay by his standards) I always try to bring a treat to the parties because theres never enough food!This time I made BROWNIE COOKIE BARS! They were a big hit!

you know you want one

I limited myself to one, haha, I'm glad most of my friends are dudes, they will keep me on my diet because they will eat all the sweets before I can get another one!

Later on, my roommate decided to come home late, which was SUPER NICE because I was able to just chill with my bf! Whom I haven't seen in weeks! I missed him so much!

On saturday it was family day, especially since I came back home for the winter break. My mom took the entire family out to a fancy dinner as a thank you and success party from her big show at the Merchandise Mart. Plus we went to see this:

I know I know, it's a kids movie right-WRONG, it was HILARIOUS! ACK! I'm actually going to go see it again >.> <.<...heh! The prince was so cute! I could relate to the story as well. And hey you can't tell me you didn't love Disney movies!
Then alas, on Sunday and today I have been constantly reorganizing my room. I just need some space and a place to focus! I need to be able to be a place of solitude and creativity. I'm getting rid of a lot of old stuff and making room for some new things! I've never been a person who held on to junk so I gladly pitch stuff out. Sorry I've been MIA, this has just been taking longer than I thought!! But it's been fun going through all my high school things. I stumbled upon my old diary and read through it. It made me a little sad for that 15 yr old girl who was teased for wearing polka dot skirts, leggings, and flannel shirts, but in retrospect, most of the girls I went to high school with are probably pregnant so pffffffft.

with that I say adieu, I need to catch up on my blogs and poupee! I think I'll never dress her for one month completely! I need a smart phone!


ps thanks for all the feedback on my blog, I now have the confidence to just blog from the heart! I might try some new things though, lemme know if they are lame!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

I like the changes you made to your layout, very cute~!

It sounds like you had a really fun weekend. Did you really get a white elephant? Is that what that animal was?

The girl who got your gift was soooo lucky! I would have wanted your gift too if I was there hehe^^

I want to see The Princess and the Frog too, but noone has free time >< haha

I hope your reorganizing goes well. I do that too sometimes when I feel my possessions are crowding me haha^^

becca said...

i wasn't expecting the frog disney movie to be good.. now that you said it is i might consider it :P

cute hello kitty!!!!! *nom*

Lissy said...

Those brownie cookies look so delicious!

I admirer your will power! <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, I love that cute lil' fella you got. :) And yum...I totally want one of your brownie cookie bars!

P.S Love your cute new hair, sweetie.

Bianca said...

sara mari: Thanks, I'm already deciding what I want to do next with the layout. And as for the re organization it seems to be taking FOREVER. And see the movie it's great!

becca: hey there! yes I insist, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Lissy: it's not thatI have will power I just have really hungry friends lolz!

ShopNchomp: Thanks, he's proudly displayed on my bookshelf, and thanks on the hairs!