japanese markets and zombie food (pic heavy)

off to mitsuwaaaaa: the japanese market

Oh me, oh my! I must have picked the coldest day of the year to try to go to Mistuwa, and do a little Christmas shopping! I thought my feet were going to fall off!! When I got home I was so cold I got in the bed and went to sleep! Hee hee, I'm up now but I was certainly cold. >_<

these are a few faves, shel'tter, jille, zipper, and mode et mode
(which is actually a runway magazine, got to see my couture fashion!)

Jille came with a cute bento bag! Thanks Jille!

As for goodies, I just got some bath salts, pencils,
some panda cookies (hee!) and some peach gummies
I love the gummies so much more than american gummies
and you can eat a few and fill complete unlike american
candy where you eat the whole box!
The calorie intake isn't so bad either ^.^

here's a close-up on the pencils!

yummy snacks: panda bread (filled with chocolate creme)
Soba bread, melon bread, and a chocolate creme roll.
Not all for me of course! Some for my family
when I see them later this week. :)

even though I was getting gifts for the family
(which I won't post till later just in case they see this)
I got myself this zombie food shirt! lol

and you also get this cute tote with your purchase!

Anyways, on another note, I feel like my blog is lacking something? Perhaps a focus, should I simply write about geek fashion? Video games, comics? What do you think? Or do you like it the way it is? Or should I do like geek fashion and me? Perhaps I'll do that 8D.

Honestly I'm too lazy to write anymore, I feel kind of funny from being in the cold all day, I think I'll take some airborne and hit the hay! After seinfield, course. Nite friends!

btw! Check out Dead Dead Kawaii's giveaway!You KNOW I love pandas so I hope I win! You can enter yourself here

Also check out her blog for great kawaii things!
It's not just puppys it's cute for grown ups!


PetSugar said...

PANDA BREAD!!! Whoa I think I'm ready to go to the Mitsuwa near me. I'm so happy to have another contestant.. who deserves it no less. I love the "not just puppies" description hehe. You are awesome.

Lissy said...


Everything you blog about is awesome <3

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

I wish I had Mitsuwa by me, I used to go to the one in San Diego when I had a BF down there, but now I have no chance TT

Oh even the pencils have snack foods on them hehe. I love those panda cookies.

The breads are amazing!! Maybe it's better Mitsuwa is not around here. I would get so fat, I can't resist melon pan and cream bread.

Oh I totally understand what you mean, I sometimes wonder about the things I am posting. I feel unfocused too. But then I think "I will write what makes me happy, and if other people enjoy it all the better." ^^

Jenny said...

Lavender bath salt! FAV FAV FAV! You'll warm up so nice all winter :DD

I like your blog how it is, but I understand your feeling. I sometimes feel the same. Like I should have a more focused blog or more personal blog, I dunno. Because you see other blogs and you feel they've got something "figured out!" Haahaa!

Tutti Patuti said...

omg i love ur blog .. it's so cute
i'm going to add u now

Bianca said...

petsugar: OMG thank you! So are you!

Lissy:Thanks thanks! I hope to keep up the awesome-ness then I guess XD

Sara Mari: I love your blog! And yeah the creme breads are going to be the death of me for sure x_x

Jenny:Yeah I was hoping that lavender bath would warm me up, I tried to read the instructions and failed but the little dude on the back looked sweaty sooo...oh and thanks on the blog compliment--yours is obviously outstanding!

tutti patuti: Thanks! Nice to meet you hope you enjoy everything!