office party and hair cut

OMG IT'S SNOWING SOOO BAD!! Good thing I got my boots! XD

Anyway, what did you get from your office party-- if you had an office party. I got this...

Even though I'm CLEARLY old enough for a bottle of wine tee hee (which the teacher's got, us TAs did not :P) I'm still really happy with this because I actually have a tea collection with my roomie, AND it's green tea, even better! Green tea/Candy cane to be exact. There was also the choice of having chocolates instead of this but I wanted a christmas gift that was guilt free. A few years ago we got T shirts which I actually really wanted because I ruined my last one with plaster..oh wells..

After work, and a quick slice of tiramisu with my co-worker and long-time friend suzie , I decided to cut my bangs, I absolutely love Guliko's hair from Zipper...

And I already have a faux bob I wear by french braiding the longer strands and pinning them up. (perhaps I should do a tutorial? Lemme know...) So with the shorter strands of my shaggy haircut I lay down like a bob. I had typical girl bangs with a side sweep, but I was feeling ADVENTUROUS! hee's the results!

you likey you likey?

I guess the rest of my bob still needs to be a touch longer to be like Guliko's (it's below the chin here, it looks shorter but it's because it has a lot of layers) but i still like the bangs, and I can still side sweep them if I feel like being like classic me. I was interested in maybe trying some of Lucido-l products to style my hair. Has anyone tried them? What are your faves?

Anywho, I'm totally being distracted by Conan, so I'll see ya laters. I'm debating if I want to face the cold in the morning and go to Mistuwa, magazine scans just aren't cutting it...:/ I guess you'll find out tomorrow! Nite!
(i hate carebears! lol)


PetSugar said...

Wow I love the girls top and I think the bangs are awesome.

Okay so you are the first to give me feedback on the award idea. Its really helpful... and how is there only one comment on that post! Its such a cool website! I thought more people would be appreciative lol. Anyway, your ideas were amazing. I love the idea of a panel. I think they should be kawaii bloggers. Maybe in order to be a panelist you have to post a "calling all kawaii bloggers" post... but I'm having a hard enough time getting people to enter my giveaway! lol. sorry I'm just showing you my stream of consciousness right now lolll let me stop!

Thanks so much again for your help

Bianca said...

oh no! Its okay! feel free, no worries! To be honest I didn't know that was your giveaway I thought it was you promoting someone else's giveaway x_x maybe i misunderstood. But I will enter cuz, duh, I love pandas!!

And maybe this goes without saying but I love the daily dose of kawaii you give to net, I read your blog everyday! It is a cool site!! Especially since it features many kawaii things than just like carebears or mr. san-x (i still love san-x tho )Especially as an art major I find the artist you find to keep me inspired in my works. I'm glad I was able to help! Good luck on the kawaii awards! Keep me posted!

Bianca said...

oh and thanks for the compliment on the hairs!

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh candy cane flavor with green tea, I wonder what that would taste like. I've come to not like sweet teas anymore, does that mean I'm old haha!

Wow your hair looks totally awesome, I think it looks so pretty. The bangs suit you well I think^^

PetSugar said...

It doesn't go without saying... that comment made me so happy. its such a specific thing I'm trying to do with my site and to hear that someone "gets it" and it even inspires her.. I can't tell you how great it feels. I'd love to see your art... "kawaii noir" or not roflll. Idk I just hope i've conveyed how meaningful your comment was without getting into stream of consciousness mode again! lol I'm excited for you to enter the giveaway and I hope you win with all my heart! I'll keep you updated on the kawaii awards since you've inspired me to continue with them.

Bianca said...

sara mari: thanks on the hair! I was worried it might look silly!! I'm still getting used to it, it's so high fashion though and thats why I love it! plus I haven't tried the tea yet but i hope its good. I don't like dangerously sweet teas either but I think this will be nice in the middle!

pet sugar: no worries at all! I'll post some of my art soon! I promise! I hope I win too XD, and I'm sure your blog will get the recognition it deserves over time! You'll see!♥

Lissy said...

Your new hair cut looks amazing! It suits you so much <3

LOL @ the care bears!~


Anonymous said...

Your hair is amazing!!!
What do you use to make it so straight and silky looking!!??!

Bianca said...

Lissy: Thank you, I'm still getting used to it, and I've gotten lazy with styling it. But sure thing in my free time I'll try my best to make a tutorial, I've never done one before though.

Bambi: OMG thanks! I use this

but I read on your blog that flat irons don't get as hot as they do in the US in Japan.