it's beginning to look a lot like....

(a skim white mocha and zipper mag, of course!)


Looks like us kids in Chicago got our first snow, yesterday, here's a pic of the damage so far. Not too bad eh? I'm glad, I'm scared how bad it's going to get especially when you commute via public transit.-_-"

Therefore, I felt the need to get new boots. The ones I have are trusty, but they are also dusty and sad. I love them to bits but people frown when I wear them around! So with some of the commission I made through my mom's showcase (which I'll post more about that later, but btw it was a GREAT SUCCESS) I made a little trip to the Belmont Army Surplus and Marc by Marc Jacobs....needless to say I got these little numbers

I really like them and they weren't to pricey. Just enough PIZAZZ without looking decora..heh. The shoes at Belmont Army were a FORTUNE and I KNEW they wouldn't protect me through the snow. I really wanted galoshes too because the suede and leather boots get TORN UP in chicago, I see girls kicking around in some suede shoes or ugg that look like they came out of a refuge camp. No thanks! I wanted something that would just wipe clean! I'm also going to invest in some rain boot socks, so my feet stay cozy and warm through below temps. :D I was so excited to get them that I walked out the store with them on! Hee hee! It was so hard though to go to go to Marc Jacobs and only leave with the boots! XD

So with my new boots I am super set on winter stuff! I have my new coat from last year. Its an army green wool trench with a fur trim, similar to this...but it has a fur trim and it's like a wool tweed. This one is from yesstyle's style berry

and I also have THESE


Cute right?! They were a gift from my panda--whom I miss dearly! I have talked to him in weeks because of his finals kicking his butt because he graduates this month! YAY! And he also didn't pay his phone bill soooo he can't call me either. siiiigh, I miss him so much, but I can wear the panda muffs and think of him!

Other than that all things are cool here in Chi-town! I finished my finals today (weeeeee!) And the test was totally easy I know I got an A or a B at least and I only studied for like and hour. Oh and here's a funny side note, before the test began the professor showed the cutest little panda picture on the projector! It was like panda was cheering me on! I know he's always around, even if I don't see him

Soooo, that's it really, I promise to blog almost everyday now that I have free time, I'm going to make a list of "to dos" over break, but for the rest of tonight I'm going to rest! What are your plans? (btw like the new layout? I felt like being festive, maybe it's my roomie's christmas music and Jenny's inspiration!)


Lissy said...

Love the layout!~<3

Those boots are awesome!!

Ear muffs = love, they are cuter than the ones on Poupee!

Bianca said...

thanks! Oh and yeah I wished they had panda one's on poupee but they don't! I think they have bunny ones though but I don't feeling paying real money (aka jewels) for them...:/

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Those are great boots for the winter. Yeah I don't get why people wear suede boots in the winter up here. Obviously they will just get ruined.

Oh your bf will graduate this semester, that's great! No wonder his finals are taking so much time, it's his final finals ^^

Those ear muff are indeed so cute!

Bianca said...

yeah I miss him so, but he called from work last night so it's all good! ^.^ And I simply cannot wait to where my panda muffs around but I wonder if I'll get makeup on them?!

PetSugar said...

Ughh those ear muffs. I swear there is a new breed of men who actually buy great gifts lol. I love the boots too! Two lone isolated reasons to look forward to winter hehe.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your layout, Bianca! :) Girl, I am digging your new boots and omg those are super cute panda muffs you got! Stay warm and yay to finals being over for ya. :D

P.S I fought the Crocs thing for a loong time before caving! Thx for the sweet comment! :) Oh and I was totally OMG-ing on the Zac Posen news too!

Bianca said...

petsugar- Indeed there is a breed of men who actually bye great gifts for no reason! I actually cried when I got them because it was so out of the blue! I'm so embarassed to say that btw

lisa(aka shopnchomp)- yeah I immediately called my mom and told her about the posen! We were both squealing like crazy. Oh and thanks on the boots and muffs. I'm still on the fence on the crocs but they do look cute. Perhaps I should give them a trial run on my sister since she's a nurse and could use really comfy shoes :)

Ray-Ray said...

Super cute ear muffs!

Bianca said...