new layout

I really felt like 'sprucing' some things up! I was thinking "yay spring" and cherry blossoms make me think of spring!!

So, there really isn't much going on in my life, I just thought I would give you a quickie update!

Here's my outfit snap. i was inspired by the oversized shirt tie thing. i think it worked out! I also wore a hair scarf as a bow, not too big because my hair is so curly it would have been a little a bad way...

too lazy to photoshop ;P

I went shopping with my roomie today! It was fun, and dinner was great. I got brisket which is my fave!! Plus we went to go see an foreign film which was ..ok.

I'm really excited about my piece I got at h&m but I'll show it too you later (i have no pic yet!) along with some other things I bought recently 9_9!

Laslty, I got a tumblr, well i always had one for like a year (but i never used it, it was for a class i was teaching) theres a link under my picture or you can check it out at...

anyways, sorry for the lame post, but I really have nothing else to say...

check out info on the GIVEAWAY on MONDAY!! weeee!



γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh your layout is indeed very bright and cheery like spring^^ I like your photo for the tumblr link, it's so pretty!

I like your outfit snap, it's a really stylish and cute outfit!

priincess said...

cute outfit! great look for you!