wig club and top ten meme

So i have a secret to tell you!

I JOINED WIG CLUB! HA-HA, well after i nearly fired all my hair i have been rockin a wig for a month, I went back to my blow out for the first time this week and I was surprised how much it grown out!

(left-no wig, right-wig, i denno why i look so sad XD )

I was going for a mori girl, sweet look. Its only a half wig you brush your fringe and blend it with the front so it looks natural. No one has noticed, everyone thinks I just got extensions now..lol!

I got one kinda like this but half wig...(this one is from candypop.co.kr)

I was obsessed with this one! And I've been wanted to cut my hair but everyone gives me sad eyes when I mention it!!

I'm so glad its no longer a stigma of wearing wiggies! Our grandmothers rocked them! Let's bring wig club back ladies-haha!

Oh and I decided to do a meme too, I was so inspired by sara mari's and mitsu's I wanted to do one for haha's XD. Plus, it seems that i'm getting into gal recently, it just can't be helped!! i thought I was a mori girl, but I don't know!

take a looky loo!


anyways, I hoped you enjoyed learning a bit more about moi! I got an 80kal ice bar calling my name, and Panda is also waiting for me to call him!! so nite ladies!!

(ps, sorry for not always repsonding to comments, I will get better DX!!)



Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute meme! I "heart" your sunnies. XD The wig looks so natural and pretty on you. I wouldn't have noticed either! Where'd you buy it?

さらまり said...

Your wig is great, I think wigs are such a good idea and I want to buy one in the future soon haha.

Oh your top ten is very cute, I like the photos you chose. Number 10 is my favorite!

Abby Kihano said...

awwww girl! i love the wig approach! i have too much hair that i refuse to put another strand of hair on me LOL!

gosh! i missed your blog! it's nice to be back :]

CrystallyzeD 'Gugu' クリ said...

aww your hair is so long T__T my hair length is bearly past my shoulders and I'm trying to grow it longer but it's so hard!

what is a "meme" exactly? is it just a compliation of the top ten things you like? i kinda wanna do one :D

Bianca said...

shopn: Nice play on words there! Oh and I got the wig at a beauty supply store XD

SaraMari: You should, esp. on lazy days! And thankies! I love my usagi

Abby: HI! I feel like I havent heard from you in like FOREVER, I hope you're here to stay :D

Crystal: Thanks on the hair! I try so hard XD! It's just like a memo of things your into right now :)

Tutti Patuti said...

ur wig looks good. i just bought a wig and i'm waiting for it.. i cant wait to dress up with it

Kelsey said...

OMG I love cher totes! I've never shopped at the stores, as I'm too big to wear most of the clothes I'm sure! But the eco totes are sooo fab. Now tho EVERYONE has them. I liked it more when it was less recognizable.