Mashed Potatoe

I really need to get going to bed especially since I'll need to get up at 6, but I wanted to do a quick bloggie! ( feel like I always say that!! XD)

Anyways, i'm really glad you all enjoyed my meme, it appears that as days go by I keep getting into gal!! It just can't be helped, it so cute, maybe I did not like it before because I was overweight, and when you don't feel good on the outside it reflects on how you dress. i became so t-shirt and jeansy in college after being so fashionable in jr and sr yr of high school. i'm not saying that looks matter or if you do feel overweight to not dress fashionably, i just think its a personal thing. But now I feel much better--- I gained 30lbs through college after being rather small! I'm losing so much weight and getting a healthier BMI, I was at 26.2 which is considered overweight, but now I'm at 23.9 which is healthy!!! My goal is 20.8! so wish my continual luck, I'm almost sure I'll get there by Panda's Bday (june!) My eating habits are great, its just the lack of exercise because I'm just so busy! But you have to find ways like walking or biking to class! (which I do) and just say NO to elevators!! lol

but I digress....

this saturday my mommy and me spent the whole day together since i'm going back to my apartment tomorrow morning. We did a lot of errands for her business, but we obviously found time to shop.

I only bought 2 shirts and A LOT OF UNDIES, cuz I needed to retire so items...heh heh (tmi?) I don't have any pics but there's this outfit snap...

I got that plaid shirt this weekend, because again i needed to retire some old plaid and lots of my clothes no longer fit! I'm waiting to buy when I get to my goal but I hate looking sloppy. I decided to buy things a little snug too because in a few weeks it should fit perfectly. :D I love it, it's so western gal meets free people!

plaid-i denno
long tank-uniqlo
jeans-old navy
bronze cowboy boots-charlotte russe

I also stopped by charlotte russe (on a mission to find mini cowboy boots!!) and tried on these jumpers, both size small, both cute!

florals are a must this season!

i look like a inmate!! DX lawls

But I decided not to get them, I thought they were buy one get one but it was for shorts, (then why did they put the sign about the jumpers!!) Oh well, they weren't exactly what I wanted, so I'm not too mad haha!)

anyways, I've been loving the cher/free people look so much this spring, that I can't stop rocking this hair style!
what I wore on my date friday (shirt F21)

do you like do you like, people keep asking me if I'm wearing a wig when it's my real hair!! what up wit dat?! The braid part is made of an old weave haha, it doesn't match at all! I need to make a black one, or just get one-- they are pretty cheap!

anyway friends, it's time for me to go to bed! I'll tell you about how the rest of my spring break went later, it was lots of fun with family, and of course, Panda <3


oh ps! almost forgot!! check out sara mari's giveaway!! full of bath time goodies!! yay for giveaways!!


HANA said...

Love your hair! The headband blends so well and looks really cute.

LOL@undies. I do the same thing, I love buying bras&panties.

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Good luck with your weightloss, it's great it's going well already!

I like that plaid shirt, it suits you well! and the floral dress is very pretty too. Haha, at that striped romper, but it could be cute with a jacket or something.

You look very cute with that hair style and braid!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your braid and outfits are soo cute! *^_^* Good luck on your continual weight loss, Bianca!

Charlotte said...

Ahh, I can totally relate! Confidence is so important and I support you 100% in your weight loss. It has been really hard for me to break out of my dressed-down-punk-rock phase and develop the self worth to go gyaru again.

We should support each other, as I'm the one with bad eating habits but gets plenty of exercise XD

Jenny said...

Congratulations with your continuing weight loss! I had no idea you were in the midst of dieting & such. I think you're right. When we don't feel so great about ourselves we tend to avoid putting in any interest into our personal style.

I love your bangs style, it's perfect for those headbands XDD

Bianca said...

Hana: Thankies! I really love this style. And yeah, I was desperate need of some new braziers!

Sara: THANK YOU, you are such an inspiration!!!

Lisa: Thank you girlie! XD

Charlotte: !! Go Team B&C!! GO GO GO! I will support you!!!

Jenny: Thank YOUSE! And yeah, I feel so much more confident now ;P and thanks on the hair arrange compliment! hee hee!