sorts of sorts

This is one of those, all over the place post!

I know I haven't seen you guys lately DX this keeps happening!!! I think because the semester is wrapping up (it seems like it was just christmas!!) And I have been hitting the pavement looking for a summer job! I tried a few places, but I will let you know what happens in the future, I'm kinda supersitious about jobs and dont like to say anything until everything is final XD!

So just wish me luck, eh? (CanCam and Balia have been my new stylebooks!! Heehee ~)

Okay, So Ive been kinda naughty, shopping alot!

I miss shopping I have been so good recently, I decided, "hey taxes give me monies, and Ive been working so hard, I NEEDZ A TREAT!"

Here's a few of my most recent purchases:

I got myself a little treat after one of my interviews, does anyone else love toki doki like me!?

I didn't see anything at the Tarina Taratino @ Sephora that caught my eye, but This was like "BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME!" And I had too!!

(yes I'm at starbucks writing this :D)

here are the colors, and here are they swatched,
I love earth tones on my skin!
Brown smokey eyes are love!

it even came with a little friend!!! How sweet!
He matches the plush cactus girl Panda got me for Valentines! XD

not my actually pic, but she looks like this.

I also got a few things from H&M!

I HAD to get this shirt from H&M after MY IDOL Lena was wearing it in the May Vivi

and the striped on looks like an item from Bianca's closet!!

I am so in looooove!!!

Lastly, I just want to say, that I LOVE the new poupee background, I wish I could keep this one forever! Its so mee! Sewing, vintagey, so mori girl!

Speaking of Mori Girl, have you heard of mori gal, Mistu did this awesome post on it, I almost DIED It brings together my two favorite styles, I think I'm finally done soul searching for the perfect style, Mori Gals, UNITED

ps. hope everyone easter was good and sweet :)


Tutti Patuti said...

haha.. i was going to get that floral top but i was trying to save money.. i've been frugal lately

Tutti Patuti said...

i love that top though.. it's so cute and it has a summer feel into it

even though it's not summery in here

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha...I'm totally like you. I'll give myself an excuse to shop b/c "I NEEDZ A TREAT!" =D That is one cutie pie e/s palette...and it comes with a little friend too?! Too cool. Cute H&M tops you got. Good luck on the job hunt, sweets!

P.S Re your question, as with most male designers I think Zac bats for the other team. ;)

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Good luck with your job search, I will be doing the same thing when I get back from Japan ><

I like the colors in that eyeshadow palette, but I like the little charm even more. Haha, I am so mature^^

That shirt from the H&M garden collection is so pretty! It looks like spring in fabric form haha.

Bianca said...

Tutti: its good to save, ive been soo frugal for like a year i just cant hold it in anymore!!

Shopn: Amen to that! And thank you, I hope I get at least one offer DX

Sara:!! Good luck! and haha yeah, the little dude sold it for me for sure :)