change change change...

I'm really thinking about getting a haircut/style. I'm getting bored with my hair, and because I am working professionally I can no longer dye it multiple colors, sooooo a new do would be nice :D

I was looking at these styles, something playful but good for work as well. :)

Which one do you like?
Plus does anyone know of any good hair tutorials for curling and arrange?

ALSO has anyone seen Jenny's hair arrange from yesterday, talk about FAB! LOVE'D IT!!!!

from jenny's blog, GIRL YOU ARE WORKING IT!!!

So this weekend was pretty fun I basically just hung out with my mom, she came to visit, plus she was helping me move since my lease ends in a week, I'm happy though. No more roommates until next fall...YAY :D

I went home to see Panda for a bit being that is is our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARIE!!!! We didn't do much, I was waiting for my bro to give me a ride back into the 'burbs (because I was being too cheap to take the train) but i didnt know he wouldnt be there until 9pm, so Panda and I just watched a movie called "The Defendor" It has Woody Harrleson (Zombieland) and Kat Dennings (Nick and Nora's...) in it, it is actually WAY better than Kickass, but even you knew kickass was going to be lame...

I also received a few packages!!! One from Hong Kong, lashes reccomened by Magdalena they are only 2.67 on ebay!!! that includes shipping, and they took 2 weeks max!

she has a great tutorial with them which I must try, (later, today minimal makeup i have a mirgane--guhhh...)

And a gifty from Sara Mari!!! WEEE! My mom was like 'you got a thank you gift for sending a thank you gift? Does that mean you send a thank you thank you gift?' haha!

thanks sara mari! i got to eager and opened it b4 taking a pic XD

Thanks sara! So cute, and PERFECT FOR USAGI STORY BOOK, she says thanks too :D

Align Center
hee hee!

anyway this is all for today, again sorry for being MIA, finals week -_-''

OH AND, hee hee, VOTE FOR ME TO BE ON GLEE!! Please!!! I did a video of me singing and such, acting has always been a dream of mine, but I do graphic design because it's more realistic, but please give me a vote!!! Love you for it!!! ---vote and watch me sing here!! XD


Tutti Patuti said...

i love the 4th picture. but it's just me... i love the color of her hair too.

emma said...

I like pic #4 as well!!

Also, I *liked* Kick-Ass alright, it wasn't anything spectacular but it had some lulz. But then I'm pretty immune to gore and blood (unless it's my own) on movies/videogames/whatever. The theater was pretty empty when we went to go see it, and on the signboard it was billed as "Kick-A" so that was kind of amusing.

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

I'm into the very top right hand hairstyle, but they all have their good points. Good luck deciding hehe^^

Oh wow, Happy 5th Anniversary! I never made it that long by far haha. And you guys seem so much in love, it's so sweet^^

I'm so glad the items arrived to you safely! Haha, your mom is funny. I couldn't just let you go to all that trouble without sending a thank you hehe^^

Oh that ice cream turned out just the right size, how lucky!

Thanh Thao said...

I like the first and fith one the best! All of the hairstyles have so lovely colour!

Lovely presents! I'm envious! XDDD

Bianca said...

Tutti: I love the hair color too! but my hair is tired of being dyed DX

emma: i do like it, but I think my hair isn't there yet. LOL yeah i havent seen kick ass but Panda did he said it was a good as Spider-man 3 and lets not get started on *THAT* movie 9_9

Sara: OH that was one I was very interested in :) And it's the PERFECT SIZE- i'm really geeking out! and thanks on the anniversarie wishes! :)

Thanh Thao: I love those colors but I am afraid it might look...odd..oh boy!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Bianca, you've got an amazing voice! Love that song. Good luck my dear! =D As for the hairstyles, my vote goes for the upper left hand corner (first one). Aw, love your packages...and happy 5 years!!

P.S You look ADORABLE in bows =D

Jenny said...

I really like the first hairstyle and she seems to have similar face shape!

Doesn't it suck? You think you'll be "over hair dying" by the time you get a "real job" but alas it makes you wanna do it even more!

And I'm glad you liked my hair arrange!! I need to find a tutorial similar to it to post. It was really just a quick fix because it looked like crap down that night LOL!

5 years, wow!!! CONGRATS YOU TWO!

I didn't know you wanted to act!! HOW FABULOUS!

Jenny said...

Poop that voting site is down atm, *will try & remember to go back!!!

Charlotte said...

I love the second haircut! The third has a nice sultry quality to it too.

SecretLifeOfABionerd has some great tutorials on YouTube:
Not really for my type of hair, but pethaps what you're after?

Bianca said...

Jenny: it's back up, check check check it! And thanks, me and Panda just mesh real well, i can't see myself with anyone else besides a few sophmoric crushes i pick up!

Chalotte: Oh I like these tutorials thank you! I'm putting the straight hair for a while I'm pretty burnt out DX