Hey guys, sorry for falling off the face of the planet. I only have one more week of school so it's a bit of a grind here! But otherwise, all is well! Like my new layout-heehee! I was trying to do mori meets gal, but all together feature all my own tastes, chinatsu, pandas, donuts, ya know, the bare essentials :D

SO, I know many of you know that I am a BIG OLE NERD, and to celebrate my big ole nerdom, me and Panda went to C2E2 only one of the best comic-cons to come to chicago. None of that wizard world crap, were talking HEAVY HITTERS HERE!! Me and Panda were very pleased with the whole experience, it was kinda like a pre-anniversary present, but i'll talk about that more later this week. Here's the roundup!

me at the con :D
Friday: I surprise Panda with tickets, and we are on our way to McCormick Place!!! We hit the artist alley were we meet Art Baltazar (tiny titans) and Ryan Kelly (Local), as well as make new friends like this guy who makes awesome zombie puppets! I had to bring the 'mint chocolate' zombie home!

i's get excited over PUPPETS

All the artists were so nice, as well as, prestigious, it wasn't just 'joe shmoe' and his fanime webcomic, it was like REAL ARTIST WHO WERE SUPER NICE.

me and ryan above, and the puppeteer below

Also Friday night ended with a BANG, with a panel with Hell Boy Creator Mike Mignola and the premiere of DOCTOR WHO on the big screen.

weee! <3
I got to see the first two episodes along with a greeting from the cast! I know there a big fuss about the new re carnation of the doctor, but c'mon, he's totally ADORABLE-WHOSE THE MAN!

Saturday: after a night of gorging on cheese fries (we didnt eat allll day friday until 12am DX) we got up and went off to day two of the con! I decided to get all Lena Fuji and tried for the first time bottom lashes! It was a crowd pleaser I'd must say, and ladies, if you want to make a deal at these cons don't be a afraid to be cute, it's easier to look all jessica rabbit and know everything about Mike Mignola than try to blend in with the guys, comic venders respect that and are easily fooled but some batting eyelashes-HAHA XD...Gotta use girl powers for evil AMIRGHT?

me posing outside, and then with props for auction from IRON MAN 2!

I got the chance to meet mike up close and head to an after party at the double door. It was the first club experience for me a panda together. It was an experience, that may or may not be repeated. 9_9

Sunday: Everyone knows that this is the deal were you make deals with blood. Time to talk down prices like the place is going up in flames! I'd think I did pretty well, got 223 dollars worth in comics and didn't even pay half that, not even a third haha suckers!

I got to meet Jeff Smith (Bone, Rasl) who was a total doll and a flirt! He was so cute I'm glad I met him. then me and Panda decided to get a comissioned drawing done by Art Baltazaar, who didn't mind making fun of us in the process. He's hilarious, really!!

me and jeff above and then me and art below

After buying up the place, and meeting some great artists (erika moen, lucy kinsley <3) Panda and I ended the night by going to the green door, one of our favorite pubs! The food was greeeeat! Plus we were happy to read and play w/ our swag!
yes i still play with toys XD

SO that was my weekend, I'm SO SAD its over, I seriously have nerdwithdrawal, haha~ oh well nothing a little tumbler time can't fix..hah! Oh and yay 25+ followers!!! Maybe I should do a personal giveaway..XD Anyway, I leave you with this~



γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh new layout! It's super cute as always. I wish my layout was impressive as your hehe.

You look super cute in the photos. I bet you did stand out. Not to generalize too much, but cute girls tend to be the minority in those sort of cons.

Sorry I don't know so much about western comics, but it looks like you had a great time!

megan said...

Oh, I like the layout! Especially the rose pattern~

I've never seen Doctor Who before, though I've heard a lot about it. I might try to watch it sometime, if I remember.

OMG Iron Man! Okay, so as far as that character goes I've only read a chunk of the New Avengers, but I still liked the character and the movie was good.

Wow, so you got quite a deal then! What little I read of DAR was interesting, and I've heard Blankets is good.

Oh man, we still have toys too. For Christmas, Bryan put a little Iron Man in my stocking, and I gave him a dinosaur.

Glad you had lots of fun! We've thought about going to something like that before, or something like PAX, but at the same time I (not Bryan) feel unsure about that because I really only know a little about those things, so I'm afraid of feeling a bit out. But it could still be enjoyable!

Thanh Thao said...

I love your new layout!! It is so beautiful! I guess mine is just a standard one... maybe I should have a look at layout tutorials :-))

My friends would have killed to get to that Con, because they are huge fans of Doctor Who. I didn#t watch it, and then they talk about it I always ak Doctor WHO? Who? XDDD

I guess it must have been great at that Con!

Ray-Ray said...

LOL! I love the last pic! It looks like you and Panda had a blast. The layout is tres cute makes me want to change my layout but *sigh* I am incredibly lazy...

Kat said...

oo! that must've been fun!! ^.^

You're so lucky to go!!

Charlotte said...

What a packed weekend! There's nothing better than the occasional nerd-out.

What do you think of the new series of Doctor Who? I'm loving it! I've completely warmed to the new Doctor.

Bianca said...

Sara: THANKS SARA. I try to be cute even though I'm such a tomboy, I don'ts gets its. Western comics are awesome, you just have to know which to look for, maybe I'll do a post on western vs japanese comics.

megan: Thank you! I was going for a mori look :) Doctor who is awesome so watch it!! and GO GO GO to con, it's worth it! I know super nerds can be a little frigtening, and fanboys may try to glomp you, but the experience is definitely a great one

Than Thao: hee hee! i'm so happy we are becoming bloggy friends :) Layout tutorials are helpful, but I've been doing graphic design for almost 10 years know and its what I'm getting my degree in.

Rayray: maybe one day you'll feel inspired and go "change!" but I still like your layout, it's classy.

Kat:Thanks! :D

Charlotte: Oh yes! he's definitely a keeper!! Just wanna pinch those cheeks!!!! XD