Do you dream at all?

I wish to be outside, with the blooming trees on campus,
instead in the dark and scary art buildings DX

We all dare to dream don't we. Whether it is to be successful, rich, fashionable, or all three. Besides the cliches of dreaming of love and success, you know what i dare to dream? I dream to go to....


OMG, I WISH I WISH I WISH! It usually lands on my birthday every year, so maybe, should I go?.. DO I DARE TO DREAM?! I would exploded into little love bubbles if i could go....I wonder if my mom can pull some strangs...probably not DX

I was surfing blogs, and saw kiko's video..(I love her self made movies!) And I ADORE the tokyo girls collection, its so not like american fashion shows, it doesn't come off as pretentious. Who cares if the models are from FORD or that it's not haute couture, THE SHOW IS FLIPPIN SWEET!

I wish I really I could go, but we'll see ;_; *sniffle sniff*
On a less depressing note..., not much else happening here, just a short post. Do any of you think you'll go to the TGC this fall?? Plus I stumbled upon these videos of Lena Fuji , and they made me like her more. I love her hair!! XD She seems so much smarter when she talks...hahaha. ^^()

On the flip side, agro tea messed up my order and I got two teas for the price of one! YAY!

Okay, I'm done being silly, class is over so I guess I'll head home and get started on my costuming homework. Take care ya'll, sorry about the lame post, I don't have much to say...boring week i guess... all I know is that I'd rather be blogging that working on CSS for class..:P

i hate that school makes me miss all the nice days (no one even showed up today for class.haha!)


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Ok, so we should go to the Tokyo Girls Collection together hehe!

I want to go but it's always during my school semesters ><

megan said...

The blooms on the trees are so pretty~

If you could get to Japan at the right time, you could totally go! It is open to the public, isn't it?
If not, when I was in Japan last year, I went into the MilkFed (or maybe it was just Milk) store in Ura-harajuku, and they had a free little magazine with pictures and such from the event, so maybe you could find one of those!

I like how relaxed the show seems to be too, especially the Shibuya Girls collection show, which has a really fun attitude to it.

Thanh Thao said...

Hey Bianca!!

Thanks for following me, I have finally found your blog to follow you back. It was kinda difficult, when I clicked on your profile I got some links but none of them got me to your blog.
Anyway, I will be a follower from today. Have great week, and lots of greetings

Kat said...

I have to agree~! I love watching the Tokyo Girls Collection! They make it live and fun since they actually SMILE in which a lot of American models don't... well except for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. That's the only exception of American fashion shows that I will watch because they make it live too. :P

Lena Fujii has got to be my favorite model in Japan along with Jun Hasegawa, Rinka, and Shaula Vogue.

So, I'm gonna go follow you cause you have a nice blog post, we share interests, and you just seem like a cool girl! Let's be friends! I also have a facebook if you want to be friends there too. Just message me!

Yuki said...

I would like to go too, but for now I can just dream Dx

Bianca said...

SaraMari: TAKE ME WITH YOOOOU!! I wish but i'm so broke, maybe a graduation present hmmm? me thinks so!!

Megan: Yeah it is, its like 50-80 yen i think, but think of the celebs XD i'd be so star struck, more than meeting american celebs!!

Thanh Thao: OO! Cool thanks and welcome XD love your bloggy, its so chill :)

Kat: Sweet, nice to meet you! I hope you don't mind my full spectrum of nerdiness-haha!

Yuki: let's dream together! :D

Ribbonlicious said...

Thanks for sharing the videos *____*

Bianca said...

Ribbion: Your welcome!, great way to kill a few hours, even though they just make my heart flow with desire and tinge with jealousy DX