I friggin ♥ Chinatsu

GAH! Does anyone else feel that way? She's just so awesome, I love her "I don't care" style, she's not like a Gyaru Nazi saying "Oh you can only do this and that" (I HATE GAL NAZI, especially western one's who don't even dress in the style, yet they praise who is and who is not gal...WTH!?)

She is always herself and she's soo inspiring! I can't believe she was a gravure model, I look at those old pics, I barely recognize her!!

and even though part of me is like "why girl why" about her new bowl cut, I'm still loving it anyway. In fact I really wanted to do this look myself, especially inspired by Tao Okamoto (but everyone will have me killed) so i'm thinking about wigging it! But it's kinda hot for wigs nowadays, OH! Maybe I can get a weave, my hair needs a serious break....mayhaps....we'll see XD

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

A few more things...I first off want to say a BIG OLE THANK YOU, to everyone with your love and support with my health conditions and my roomie issues. You'll be glad to hear that she was gone ALL weekend, and I was able to enjoy the house to myself, watch the devil wears prada, it was para paradise~!

I was really touched by everyone's kind words, and again thank you I promise to try my best to stay healthy!!

Oh and continuing on with yesterday, i decided to get some fresh air, I didn't want to be a poopy butt and stay in all night, so I went out. It was beautiful. I got some frozen yogurt, it's not as cute as other places but it was mighty tasty...

...white chocolate flavor with graham cracker and fresh strawberries~yum! I also bought some new polishes (yellow because I've been so inspired by Kiko's look in the Cher spring/summer look book, and pink because it was so sweet!) I already got my Mother's day card, with birdies, because she loves birdies, and I went over to Quimby's Bookstore (for comics of course) and I decided to do something I have never done before! Go to a photobooth alone!!! There is one there, and there's costumes too! haha!

You know I love them, so I leave you with this!! haha!~

Take care everyone XD


Shop N' Chomp said...

She is pretty! And oh my gosh, that looks soo good. *drools* Love your adorable pics!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh girl I just Googled 'dumond' shoes on the Akira site and I know what you mean. That one serpent pump is niiice! ;)

Jenny said...

I love Chinatsu~~ I think for the same reason I love Rinka, their style is so effortless and genuine. I think many people, even actual models try too hard and it comes across as such. They don't seem comfortable in their choices and so on because it's not really a "personal" style they're choosing.

I love her cut just b/c it's what she obviously wanted to try out XD

Short for summer is always a win~~

She looks so strange & a bit awkward in her old curls IMO~~

I love the look of yellow polish! I'm just so lazy I 'm a 1 coat type of person and I've yet to find any vibrant colors that are 1 coat & still vivid.

PetSugar said...

i always hate leaving comments that completely disregard the post they are left on lol but i must say


it was the most wonderful surprise. i loved it so much. i can't thank you enough. i'll be sending you a thank you in the mail as soon as i can.

i got so excited that i had to link eleanorzine in a post. lol you might like the way i did it... see posts from today and read one that says "cute things subliminallys sparkle"

HANA said...

Haha I like Chinatsu too! I love when someone looks so comfortable in their style, it really reflects their personality and the fact that they ENJOY dressing in their clothes.

I`ll be linking this post in my weekly wrapup!

Hana @ Finding Tokyo

Mitsu said...

Chinatsu is so inspirational! Her and Momoeri are changing how gal should be viewed. I spent an hour sucked into her question and answer section of the new SCawaii. Even though she was a gravure model, she's like I'm sick of telling people my measurements. If you're damn curious look it up from my old modeling days. I was happy to hear that instead of some carbon copy answer.

Bianca said...

shopn: ee! thank you! Theres a fashion show this weekend, and i'm tempted.

jenny:agreed, but they were a dollar each so i couldn't resist XD


Hana: oh your so sweet thank you :D

Mitsu: I love her even more now, she's not like some clone trying to be cute and just sits there an stays quiet...