I miss him already

The later half of this week was a little wilder than expected...lemme give you just a short iternary..

Wednesday Night: I got into a battle of wits with my roommate, she was upset that I did not want to go to her 21st bday party. I understood it was a great milestone. But it was from 9-1am on Thursday. And I have a job and have to work!!!And I said I didn't want to risk getting sick or have a seziure from the stress and lack of sleep (i have heart problems it causes seizures.) She didnt care about my responsibilities nor my health issue nor that I wanted to be out alone, because I would leave early (obviously) and not want some drunk guy to take me home, risking my safety--no thanks...

Thursday: I had a seziure and the ambulance had to come to my job. Ironic huh. I'm okay though don't worry. It's the first seizure since July, so I say thats pretty good. I almost made it a whole year with no problems. I guess blogging has help relieve stress :D

Thursday night: I met with my dad for dinner. I haven't seen my dad in two years, we decided to try our relationship again. It was really nice...I wasn't blaming him for leaving and he wasnt calling me a brat...we just talked all night, I realize that despite all the hurt, I still love him a lot...

Friday; Panda came over!!! panda came over!! I missed him so much!!! My roomie is gone btw, she went to Nawlins' for her bday and I have the whole apartment to myself. So panda and I decided to make a weekend of it! :D

We went to go see the movie after.life, we both like christina ricci because she looks like an anime character, and she's just adorable. But the movie was...lacking...But we saw it for free soooo :P...I also made him dinner heehee!!!

Saturday: Panda visited again :D and we went to this "kawaii shop" they just opened a few blocks from my house! I'd say its like a donki or daiso, its cheap and have everything you need. Plus tons of rilakkumma stuff! No magazines though, but it does prevent the need to go to Mistuwa so often, its so far away, this place is in the city!!! :D

This is my swag...

I always wanted bento supplies, but its expensive online after shipping costs. Now i finally have a starter kit. i really want to start making bentos since I have classes all day and no time for lunch. This is perfect. Plus a rila notebook and a panda bath friend!!! (well its actually a dish sponge, but i'm gunna use it as my bath friend XD)

We went to Itto sushi, a Japanese restaurant that has been in chicago for over 24 years! It was popin! The food was great. Panda got smoked salmon sashimi and I got beef udon! We both ended it with green tea and strawberry mochi Yum yum! No pics sorry, I was so hungry I forgot!!!

But Panda did take this awesome pic of me! I like his photography, even though Im not wild about my pose, its still a nice pic and snap of what I wore.

anyway, i think I might go get some fresh air to get my mind off of Panda...I miss him already :/



Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi sweetie, I'm sorry to hear about the seizure but happy to hear you are okay. *hugs* We don't want that happening again so please blog more! ;) What is up with your roomie? Hmrrph. Good thing Panda came to the rescue! Great to hear you two had a fab time together. I am totally digging your cute swag...hehe. Yay to yummy Japanese food and that pic of your cutie self!!

emma said...

Aw, take care of yourself girl! My best friend is epileptic and I remember it was so scary when she had seizures.

I found the cutest series of youtube videos that do Japanese cooking (even bentos!) called Cooking with Dog (LOLOLOLOL) but I haven't tried any of the recipes out.

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh I didn't know you had that condition at all. You say don't worry, but I can't help but worry! If blogging helps, please do it more since I love reading your posts hehe^^

Luckily you could have your place to yourself and have such a fun weekend with your Panda^^ That's so awesome there are cute Japanese shops near you.

You look totally fabulous in that shot. I think your casual pose is great for the photo, and your outfit is super stylish!

Jenny said...

I'm sorry you had another seizure but seriously, oh the irony!! And your roommate wtf. She went to New Orleans for her bday? Dear lord, you know you can drink there under 21 (not legally but you can. ) I used to go drink there before I was 21 b/c no one cares. She's trying too hard if you ask me =__=;;

At least it all got better in the end (well cept the parting ways part of course!)

Ray-Ray said...

Oh my gosh sorry to hear about the seizure! But on a brighter note you are keeping up the relationship with your father... it can be hard (trust me been there)but it's definitely worth it in the long run!

Bianca said...

Shopn: *hugs* thank you!! and I will promise!! haha now that school is almost out, I should be healthy soon hopefully i wont gain wait from laziness DX

thanks XD

Sara: Thanks for the fabulous report! I try, I think "what would my blogger friends wear!" haha! Since most ppl in Chicago could care less if I'm trying to be popteen today, nonno tomorrow DX

Jenny: I miss him all the time, but thanks for understanding. AND YEAH I'm a little older than her so I'm kinda over the 21 shit-faced thing...excuse my language...

Raray: Oh thank you~ we are trying but I'm not holding me breath either...he kinda has a 20 year track record (my parents divorced 20 years ago) :/