Be Good

hello all!

That is one of my favorite coordinates, overalls with a strippey cardie, even though i really want the polka dot one from W<3C its sold out everywhere!!! DX

I just wanted to show you guys a few more random things...As stated before my mother came into the city to visit me and stayed at my apartment this past Easter weekend. And of course, we did some shoppin' Being that my mother is a fashion designer, we can go to the whole sale market and buy things that are normally $12-$500 for like $1-100 bucks!! I found this Miffy necklace and just had to have!

I got this cuff too, that i basically wear everyday!
I feel like its so on trend, especially paired with some fun bangles :D

I also got this eco tote, it look so much like Minnie mouse I luv it XD

Plus we did some for realzie shoppin at barney's, bloomie's etc, and I found this kitson shirt crop tee!!

I could care less about the connotations that Kitson has in the US (Lindsay, Ppl from the Hills, etc..) I love the Kitson trend in Japan, and Crop tee's are soo Jun Hasegawa! I've been wanting one, but i hate having to wait a year for japanese trends to finally cross the river, dear Lord 9_9

My mom and I also went to starfruit. Do you have those by you? It's frozen kefir, has less kcals than frozen yogurt. This treat we had was only 30kcals! (15 kcals each :P) I think I found my new summer treat!!!

Anyway, not much else happened when my mommy came over besides spending monies :D, I also went back to her place later that weekend because my brother and his wife were having an Easter BBQ, we had a pork roast which I felt was sacreligious, LOL, oh well, I don't mind eatin swine!

I also got my new issue of Nylon, (which was a free subscription promo Urban Outfitters had last year :P) AND IT FINALLY HAD A BROWN GIRL ON THE COVER, OMG... this rarely happens...It's sorta bittersweet, I mean she's "brown" not black, to everyone else she looks black but I know she Latina, but whatever, if I marry Panda, our kids will be confused so whatever, I TAKE WHAT I CAN GETS...

okay that's it with this random post. I keep having these...i think cuz I take so many pics, I never have anytime to post, they all pile up, this week so far I have posted every night!! XD

peace out!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute pic...I love your super kawaii haul! Esp Miffy! XD I don't believe we have Starfruit here but it sure looks yummers. Since it's still a rarity (why?!) , it's always nice to see women of color on the cover. :)

emma said...

Ahhh! I need to actually click on your blog and go to your site instead of just browsing in the google reader! Cute new layout (I think? Last time it was paper airplanes so I'm not sure when it changed.)

Starfruit? Kefir? I've never heard of that. I've had starfruit, the actual fruit before though.

I really need to do some clothes shopping...I feel so ratty and drab lately!

CrystallyzeD 'Gugu' クリ said...

she's latina? wow i did not know that. and i want your miffy necklace so bad > <

さらまり said...

Oh you look so cute in that coordinate, but yeah I totally understand your feeling about that W*C sweater. It's so cute!

I like cuff you got, I need to start getting more bracelets. I mean not cheap plastic or jelly ones haha.

We don't have frozen yogurt places in Minneapolis yet really. Maybe it's too cold here? haha! But I'd try frozen kefir even though I don't know what it is XD

megan said...

I've never heard of Starfruit. I have had frozen yogurt though.

Woah, super discount! Cool. :) Looks like you got some pretty nice things; I really like the tote.

haha, funny that you seem to have to mention that the subscription is free, and that you didn't pay real monies...I recently subscribed to NYLON as well, but it was free for me too (Aside from the bad writing/hipster vibe, it's the best fashion magazine I've seen for me). :p

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous cuff! I like anything with a bit of glitz to it. Aw, and your tote is totally Minnie Mouse!

It seems editors have been more and more willing to feature "brown girls" (love that term XD) on covers over the past year following Michelle Obama's rise to fashion icon status. Although I wish we could have a more suitable black fashion role-model than Naomi Cambell constantly in the press :/

Tutti Patuti said...

that's good that ur relationship with ur father is getting better. i also have problems with my dad but we're fixing it slowly. just hang in there... u know .. he's still ur father no matter what happens

Bianca said...

shopn: Thank you, i read her article though aand it was total CRAP, oh well, at least it was kinda nice to see.

emma: Thankies, i want to do more shopping but I am TOTALLY BROKE DX

crystalguru: isn't it the cutest! :D

Sara: it's delicious that what it is! Its kinda bitter/sour, like strawbery is sour, ya know?

megan: lol I KNOW, it didnt pay for it, it was free bwahaha!!! and I never regret that decision!

Charlotte: ahaha! yes! I'm sure that's the truth, I dont like the idea of being thrown a bone though :/

Tutti: thank you, those were very sweet words to hear, good luck with your dad too :)