summer = DIY

After working in the costume shop this year at school I am feeling more confident in my own sewing. Therefor there are definitely some things I want to make, I am glad that I am still a student because I get to have my summer's off..TECHNICALLY I should be graduating this spring, BUT i am a transfer student and I changed majors which set me back TWO YEARS, siiiigh duck, but at the same time, I look at my life and I so would not be ready to graduate right now. I mean I do refuse to get married until I graduate but as I get older it seems like the longer it's going to be before I can do soooo..

but I digress, I'm talking about DIY ya'll...I have had the time to sit around and think about this today because I have food posioning..YAY! DX So instead of remodeling I am in the hoo..

Here are some of my summer prospects:

A demin skirt, very cottony and soft demin, with a button up front...

similar to this one on candypop

I always wanted a skirt like this, but because I have a funny butt that makes everything shorter in the back, so I like to make my own skirts so when it gets breezy..I think you catch my drift..hahah!

I mentioned this before but I am going to make this head band..
I already got the fabric (only 1.99 a yard and I only bought a 1/4 yard :D ) I bought it in the fabric district of Chicago which is WAY cheaper than buying crap from Joanns, AND the quality is the same the designers use in the city..

I want to make some miumiu imitations like this cat collar thanks to petsugar! I'm sure it's going to look sooo fetch in my morigal looks!

plus I want to make these shorts with this fabric I got from Ikea, it has a bird pattern as well, and I think it would be so cute ! thanks Sasa for this idea!

I'm really love this animal print look for spring. I'm all about incorporating your own style into the mix. It doesn't all have to be nautical stripes and denim shirts. Why not be you too?

I really want to make a bow tshirt, super simple don't you think? all i need is like an american apparel t and some cotton polkadot fabric...

I am really digging my curls and I want to rock more gal with what God gave me so I am interested in making some mad headresses!

i love this ad!

Finally, I really want to make a pair of ruffled shorts. These ones from free people have the right idea. I am not really into cutesy cute. I hate that, atleast on my body, but I do like some touches of sweetness. I really want to make these out of a khaki cotton, maybe in an army green would be cute :)

Other than that, I think i might dye parts of my hair purple. I'm feeling kinda BORED..hah!

PLUS, gulico is NO MORE in zipper..WHHHHY, she was my favorite, i hope to see her in something else soon!!!

beware of raw eggs yall



Kat said...

I'm in the same boat with my graduation date. What was your major before?

I love ruffle shorts! i've been looking everywhere for them. I do have flower shorts and rompers are my thing. I tend to like flowery cute stuff. ^.^

You have great taste in clothing though!

megan said...

"siiiigh duck"

haha. XD

That CandyPop skirt is cute! But what does Pocari Sweat have to do with a skirt?

The bow shirt would be super easy.

You have a lot of neat projects planned! I look forward to seeing them. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about the food poisoing. T_T Feel better soon!! I can't DIY anything. =( I think I like a creativity Can't wait to see your creations!

Thanh Thao said...

I love DIY, but I can only knit and do crochet. Good luck with sewing, and don't forget to present us the results here! :-))

Miruku said...

If you can do all of this you're my hero! I can't wait to see pics!

Jenny said...

Gah I totally envy anyone who can master a needle & thread! Outside of sewing on buttons my efforts for threaded DIY have been pretty fail.

Yea, cherish those extra 2 years you have to prepare & wait out the crap job market anyway :D

:OO purple!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!!!

Bianca said...

Kat: It was graphic design, then theatre, then back to graphic design DX haha! ironic i know...oh and thanks, I really love the free people ruffle shorts, but I hate the fabric choice

megan: I HAVE NO IDEA, the english on the site is always good for a good laugh haha!

Shop: Thanks I'm back to my old terrible eating habits haha!

Thanh: I cant wait to start XD

Miruku: you're too much you give me hope!!

Jenny: haha thats if I decide to do it!

PetSugar said...

i sent you my next article for eleanorzine! i didn't know if you check the eleanorzine email regularly so i thought i'd tell you lol.

emma said...

I feel you on the graduation thing...I've been in the same major but I'm pretty retarded so I've had to take a few classes over. I'm not even sure when I'm graduating...hopefully winter term :(

Rayelle said...

Good luck with the DIY I wish I had the motivation / attention span to finish projects that I start XD

PetSugar said... there is something for you here!

Sasa said...

I love DIY projects! And you listed a lot of interesting things here!

That first skirt looks super interesting. I specially like al the buttoning in the front. I think I had a similar skirt when I was little.

I'm glad you're using some miumiu inspiration too! Let's flood the world with animal prints! haha