lovely day

Today, was a good day...I mean was!

This rarely happens, that I look back and say "today was good" for absolutely nothing CRAZY SPECTACULAR-YA-KNOW-LIKE-WIN-A-YEAR-TRIP-TO-JAPAN good...I do have good days, don't get me wrong, but today just seemed kinda groovy..heh

For starters I had to go to the hospital with my mom, she needed to get some things examined "upstairs", I was really worried and thought she might have breast cancer, it's really been kinda bumming me out these past days, not such much bum but stress....but turns out, ITS JUST NOTHING! We were so happy, she had to have sugery anyway, and it took like 10mins and was no intrusive...

so since we were in the city, we decided to do a bit of shopping! I didn't buy much but I did try laura mecier's tinted moisturizer, (thanks to shompnchomp) I LOVE THE COVERAGE, but it so $$, even the clinique I have isn't over 15, the most I've spent is on pure minerals which was almost 30...but $44? I denno, do I love it that much???? I've been wearing it all day to see if I get a breakout, it does really brighten my skin though! which I loooove! I might just have to sacrifice my comic book money on this, I'm all about nice foundation, I could care less about brand eye shadows since I barely wear it, but foundation is wear it starts, and I'm getting rather tired of my revlon crap that fades after 2hrs...I bought it cuz it was on sale, and FOR ONCE it matched my skin tone, other than this, I usually buy organic make up..but we will see...I think I'll try Tarte next, then allow time to tell...
I also was able to try Japan home grown "beard papa" while in the mall..but I'll do more of an extensive review on that later...

on another happy note, they finally allowed wii to be connected to netflix-SCORE!!

But on the last great note is from the sweetest PETSUGAR!! I won The First Ever Drop Dead Cutest Award!! Hee hee, thanks sweetie! I suppose from here I should drop a little excerpt from 'sugar

"Since this blog's conception I envisioned a Drop Dead Cutest award. It would be for those bloggers who do cute a bit differently. It would be more than just people who had an eye for cute, but those who actually brought something fresh to the word. You can make this award about anything (cute) you want it to be of course! All I know is the following bloggers are like kisses and moustaches. They add to them! (rofl

The Rules!

1. Display your award, link to who gave it to you.
2. List 3 reasons why you yourself is cute!
3. Post a picture of yourself as a young little cutie.
4. Describe the least cute thing you do.
5. Post a picture/video you find incredibly cute to the point of melting.
6. Make sure you pass on the award to between 1 and 5 awesome bloggers!
7. Link to or write out the rules."

1.Okay is my ultra lovely award from Petsugar!!

2.three reasons why I see myself as cute XD hee hee I don't know!!!! I was just talking about how lame I am today with my mom. everyone i know at my school think I'm this ultra cool and mysterious girl who writes poetry by candlelight and travels to exotic lands, while honestly I just like to curl up to a good comic book..hah!

anyway, my reasons would be...
I'm silly cute! I like to make people smile ;)
I'm nerdy cute, besides wearing big glasses, I'm really much a nerd but I oddly find my nerdiness cute, I'm a team fortress playin, doctor who watchin',demo readin' fool! but I do it all in polka dot head bows and falsies which I guess is my third reason, I'm not just a nerd I gots some stylin...'s mini cute meeee! Look at my gal style haha! polkadots forever, keepin it sexy BUT tasteful. And check out that hair arrange! hee hee, I think I'm like 2 or less than on this... of the least cute thing I do is not tie up my hair before I go to sleep so when I wake up I look like tree after tornado..hee

5. Here's a picture of cuteness!

it was drawn by Panda, it's me and him. He feel so large compared to me and he's one of the few people who make me feel cute and tiny. That's his old car that's in heaven now (haha) and his new GTO in the background. This picture always makes me smile and reminds me why I love this guy...

6. I want to award the second generation on the first ever cutie blog award toooooo..

and last but not LEAST: the ever soooo cute bringing us the sexy PETSUGAR- girl you know you deserve this too!!

haha, anyway, the rules are stated before all my ramblings, congrats to all you cuties and future cuties!!

ugh M*A*S*H is on which means I need to wash my face and goooo to bed, but maybe I might do a little window shopping first!

nighty nite!

oh I forgot, another reason why today is a good day is that I'm at 30 followers...haha i denno how that happened, maybe you guys are mistaken me for that other much cooler Bianca...thank you all!


Shop N' Chomp said...

You were adorable then, and you're adorable now! *^_^* I on the other hand look like a dork. Hahaha! :P Congrats on the award and thank you for extending it to me!!

Yay to good days! :D We definitely need more of those. I'm so glad everything worked out for your mom. The Laura Mercier TM is soo pricey, but soo good. Eeek! You'll have to tell us how the Tarte one works out for you.

You and Panda draw the cutest things. :) Congrats on reaching 30 followers!

Thanh Thao said...

What a cute award!! Too bad I wasn't nominated, :-))

I loved reading your answers, and your child foto looks so cute!

Congrats on 30 followers!! I am a loyal follower, so you can always coount on me! Hahaha

Miruku said...

I don't really know you or your mum, but I was so happy to read that she's ok! Mums are the best, yaaay! Congrats on your award, you blog is so cute, it always brightens up my day when you make a post.

PetSugar said...

wow you know seeing everyones entries (their baby pictures especially) is beyond gratifying. this is so freaking fun. i love everything you said i'm thrilled to have given it to you. its fun seeing it in circulation. can't wait to see more baby picturessss!

oh and wtf you nominated ME! rofl!! i never imagined it! can't wait to post my acceptance :)

emma said...

Thanks for inducting me into the drop dead cute club! I'm working on a post right now about it!!

Love the photo Panda drew haha!

Emmelie ♥ said...

Oh I love these days ♥ Not the OMFG WONDERFUL YEY JAPAN days but good ones ♥♥♥ After all the lil things count too!!

I love this meme, I really need to do it ♥

Bianca said...

Shopn: You're just as cuuute :P

Thanh: You break my heart!!! I want to give you one, thank you for always being a faithful follower XD you deserve a Thanh just so sweet award!

Miruku: AW! THANKS, really this is too much :D

Petsugar: shut up youre awesome accept it!! love it!! hee hee!

emma: yay! and thanks..

emmelie: do one do one! i'm sure you are the cutest baby!