Summer start, New Job

Hello All,

I know I disappeared (as always) but I have still been faithful on most of your blogs (to the best of my ability) I bet lots of you are wondering where I been!! Well, I started a new job...!!

I know you're probably thinking "what another job! good grief girl" But I was able to quit all my other jobs and just work this one, like a normal person (haha) It's full time (booo...but I guess its time I finally became an adult..and i likes monies) and it's GRAPHIC DESIGN, I got promoted from being a tour guide to a graphic designer. I know it seems lot an odd correlation, but I showed my boss my portfolio and he was like "go ahead a move into that department" The other job I had working in my school's graphic design lab ended because it was a semester scholarship, working there paid for half my tuition but it's not like a salary based job. I now have money to shop online from Japan and travel!! And I get to wear cute outfits everyday (versus a uniform) which I'll try to remember to post. The place is really relaxed, mostly hipsters, so you know I'm at home (haha)

In fact here are a few of my coordinates. I know the pictures are lame, they were taken in the bathroom....
(im not normally this yellow, but i'm too lazy to color correct)

Denim Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: An obvious Anna Sui knock off
boots: Charlotte Russe


Top: H&M
High Waisted Pants: Charlotte Russe
Nail color check!

I was inspired by the Cher Spring/Summer Catalog with just the pure yellow

I'm right next to some really cute neighborhoods because my office is on the other side of town, plus I'm only a stones through from wicker park.

So far this is my first week, it's very fun. So far I've been in designing T-shirts and notebook covers. I'm now doing some web design. Here's an example of one of my shirt designs. I know this one will not get chosen by the president because it's probably too cute, but you never know, sometimes you have to sneak stuff in!! XD

This was a good week, tiring but good! And even today since Panda and his dad were next door they brought me lunch from Penny's one of my favorite city haunts (thai food :) ) It's in wicker park, if you are ever in the area and only have like 6 bucks and want a full belly, go to penny's!!
(thanks yelp)

Also, yesterday I was able to get some new make up after work. It was mineral blush and only *drum roll please* $2.79!!! WHHAAAA--YEAAAAH! I got it at this small beauty supply, its made in LA, so I'm happy it's local. (I try to be green..i suppose shipping clothes from asia is not very green..oh well..)

I was debating to get either canmake or NARS, canmake is cheap and NARS is expensive, neither are mineral make up and I have major sensitive skin. Plus I'm not sure if canmake is made for people of my skin tone (lets be honest, yo) but this looks just as great! easy application, blends wonderfully, looks like Nars "organism" and it shows up on camera.

Here's my before...

and after..

I'm no beauty guru nor care to be, but I do love this stuff. I might have to go back and buy the rest. I know sometimes beauty supply stores get overstock items and their products change. I want to try all the colors!!! I agree with Hana too about spending good money on foundation, but for play why spend so much if you end up not liking it or it breaks you out.

Anyway, it's finally the weekend! Do you have any plans? I have none yet, but we'll see...