Dream Coordinates

These past couple of days I was highly inspired by Sasa’s last coordinate post incorporating drawings instead of photography. In fact some of my favorite street style comes from what I wore today flickr drawings (featured in the March eleanorzine) and Nancy Zhang from lookbook.nu

I decided to hope on that bandwagon since I am very much an artist (it is what I am going to school for hahah) and draw some cute little me’s wearing cute little things :D

(I would like to say for the sake of my reputation that I am not drawing to my best ability I’m just drawing cute things for fun heehee)


First set, Dream Coordinates. Not only do I draw what I do wear but I draw what I dream to wear. (I also draw an inventory list to see what I still need and what I have…as Sasa regarded as not buying something to confuse my wardrobe but to keep in track of key items I need to keep with trends and personal taste, I actually keep an inventory in my purse when I go out to add or subtract key items.)

But instead of boring you with inventory sheets, I’ll show you some dream coordinates….

I recently purchased an MIIA shirt and pouch from Tori (in transit) which I am totally stoked about. I never owned any official Japanese “brand” items so this will be my first :D So immediately I came up with two coordinates to represent the same shirt to help convince myself that I was doing the right thing and to think of the unlimited amount of wear I would get out of it.

First look, rokku gal.

Shirt: MIIA
Pants: Distressed (need to find, hear’d Macy’s and JcPenny will have some from $25-100 in their fall collections)
Bag: Mini Chanel (I do have a mini Chanel hand bag that I love)
Shoes: My new studded heels
Accessories: Studded Bracelets, braid headband, sleeker mode hair, candy apple :D

I guess I should also state that I’m thinking fall (always) it’s my favorite season and I always buy for fall because I feel like you get the most wear of out fall clothing. Plus my theory is (which is just a theory) your favorite season is usually the one you were born in. Me and my mom both love fall, my birthday is in Septemeber and hers in in August. She enjoys a more Indian Summer why I like a more crisp fall. Panda was born in June so he loves the dead humid heat, and my brother is a feburary baby so he loves mounds of snow. September is my favorite month, not only because of birthday but because its back to school (yep I’m a nerd) back to rountine (and a dork) the holiday season is approaching, and all the fall fashion is out with giant September issues. But I digress. Here’s my next MIIA look, thinking fall as well:

Shirt: MIIA
Mini skirt: still need, any suggestions
Leggings: I was thinking maybe grey or black
Boots: I have Steve Madden combat boots, but I really want a pair of docs
Backpack: WC, me loves the pink one, I think I’m going to get it for my birthday :D

What do you think? Are you not ready for fall. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy summer, I just love layering and biking around town without dying of heat stroke…XD

The next two coordinates I think are fine for early fall/late summer..

Shirt:Kiston LA
Hat: Urban O
Dress: Still need, I really want a tank dress, REAL BAD, I heard walmart had them. But Panda and I have a silent protest against them. I only really shop there IF I ABSOLUTELY MUST. (documentaries make you protest stuff) Anyone know where I can find a good one?
Hair: faux bob, I’m channeling Maya Mori here XD

Dress: One-spo (saw this in vivi and immediately feel in LOVE, but how can I buy it??!!) I do adore anything lena fujii puts on but I don’t really consider Vivi to be gal, but after I saw the August issue of Scawaii it gave me second thoughts on vintage inspired gal looks, but I’ll discuss more later.
Shoes: Clogs, need to find some!
Kerchief: perhaps the one I just won from Miruku! Vivienne Westwood XD

These last two coordinates are items that I already have I just need to rock them (or I have rocked them)

Tie Dye Dress: Logan (my mom’s brand)
Denim Vest: Thrifted, think it might be Gap tho..
Gold Boots: Charlotte Russe
Accessories: Owl necklace, wholesale market. Military Pins: WC (I really want some of those too, and Mitsu really sold them to me with her twin coordinate with Tori)

I think the accessories will really make the dress pop, and again, loving those WC pins!

Shirt: H&M
Basket Bag: Vintage
Shoes: New ones from the last post
CanCan: UO
Belt: Mother’s
Locket: HS graduation gift

This coordinate is my take on a nautical/mori/gal look. I actually wore this one on Saturday but I will talk about my weekend in the next post. I don’t want to overload this one!

So what do you guys think? Do you like the drawing coordinates or do you prefer pictures, or do you like both? I think Drawing helps me understand what a coordinate might be missing and helps me accessorize it better. It also helps me stay focus on what I need to get versus buying for the sake of spending money. I’m actually really excited about the baseball tee, from MIIA its bon on my list forever. I have one from UO but it’s getting a little old…I’ll show it to ya, later.

Till then