weekend update + mode coordinate

(Panda setting up for the party, you can see his gto and his pompadour XD)

So Last weekend, was a crazy weekend for most I’m sure. Between BBQs and family dues I’m sure most of us were up to our eyeballs in things to do and people to see.

Saturday: Panda’s familia had a fiesta, an overdue graduation party and town hall fireworks..etc
Sunday: Tailgate thrown by the community church, family, fireworks, soccer, BBQ, line dancing..lols
Monday: Sibling run to Mistuwa.

Between running here and there I did not get much pics, but I was able to try some new coordinates. As like everyone else, I am smitten by the mode look! I snagged this dynamite shoulder shirt from Urban Outfitters, and the shorts are my fave BCBG (that are sadly now 4 sizes TOO BIG, can you get shorts tailored????) These shoes are okay IMO, I feel like my new ones will really take this look over the edge.

Make face:

Doesn’t it look like I’m wearing falsies!! I’m just wearing lash blast fusion, which I love more than any other mascara I have tried. Panda actually bought it for me, which I left in his car along with my cell phone, he brought it back to me on Monday and drew me this little love note.,,which i'll scan and show you later..

(Sunday was family picnic, I didn’t take no pics, and it was a basic coordinate with a rockabilly flair.)

Monday: as stated before I made my way to Mistuwa, I picked up JILLE and MORE, and more had this awesome Gelato Pique eco bag that Is finally MY SIZE it fits 2 magazines, one graphic novel, my make, DS, camera, and water bottle, NO JOKE. And its ADORABLE...It also came with shampoo which I’ll just take with me on the plane…(pics soon)

Here’s my simple coordinate

Dress: Gift
crochet vest: Korean Mall
Cancan: Urban
Gladiators: …I dun remember, macys?

Makey Makey, this is towards the end of the day so, not much, and my hair is complete frizz, guh humid Chicago DX.

Luckily; on Thursday I was able to snag some organic tinted moisterizure + SPF (along with some vegan meals- yumyum) at the Health Food store. It’s fairly reasonably price (about $10) No added extras and fragrance free. Buildable too! My skin loves it and I don’t feel like my face is melting off (HA) I’m sure it will be perfecto for MEXICO..which is in..16 DAYS!! (thank God, mee needs una vacation!) Especially now, i found out yesterday that *I GOT MY APARTMENT* It's in perfect and vintage-y...i prefer classic architecture than an efficient new box..:/

I'll give some info on it without spilling all the beans (i dun wan no stalkin..:'(..heh)

It's a few blocks from the lakefront :D
It has a walk in closet, which is like the size of a small bedroom
It was built in like the 1920s so it has some cool wooden floors and decor...
I gots a balcony XD
Its in walking distance from some of the best shopping in Chicago, and comic book stores (lols)
...and let me clarify i don't mean like "old navy"...I mean like free people store, sweet vintage shops, an indie movie theatre (YES!), Barneys co-op :D
Utilities included :'D

But my lease starts Aug 6 and I get back Aug 3rd...thats cutting it close DX sooo...expect me packing for a good while ;_;...when I'm all done and set up I promise to do a video tour! This is my "first place" so I am very excited, I always dreamed of being all sex in the city with my own place (less sex more city), no crazy roommates (just maybe some crazy neighbors, heard the building is full of actors and up and coming film students) and I'm free from campus housing since this year I'll be a "super senior" and I could not stand to live with another 18 year old...

Anyway, it's time to start my weekend!

btw enter Miruku's giveaway its pretty flippin sweet!!! Good Luck! + 40 followers, wow! I should have a giveaway myself...I already started planning..lets say it will be magical!