Well, I FOUND A PLACE, but let’s keep our fingers crossed because there’s an application process…and..yah kno..(o_o)…

So a did some shoppin’ a while back and I never showed you alls that I got! I’ll do the clothing a little later. Today is all about the SHOEZ.

I bought these dominatrix style shoes a while back. I really liked them at the time, but I needed some more convincing. After 2 weeks of just (never going to wear these) and being over 6 feet tall, (towering over poor panda :D ) I decided ‘no’ on the shoes…AND INSTEAD….


Glamor shots!!

I love the studs, so rocker and mode, the other ones (which I have no picture of) took the look from mode to hoe…and I try my best to not look like a hoe, fo sho…

I also was able to get TWO for the price of those hooker shoes!

I really like the sandals I was wanting some like that my old gladiators were going down so I definitely needed some new ones for putzing around in mexico! I got both of these shoes at the Korean mall :D

Plus I got these too with my first purchase…


So Now it’s time for the coordinates…here’s an idea for each…

Wei Does rocker/mode so well (this is wei right..:/) Cute Black bowler or cancan, boyfriend jeans (which are still on my must find list!!) Crop top (got mine from Kitson LA XD) and a tank, simple, chic, just sexy enough…

And here’s my take…(I don't believe in ironing..haha, I'm not wearing it yet, jeez!!)

Wei (my new love obviously) Rocking the nudies, with s simple T dress and a demin shirt.

My take: added a little more nautical flair :D

My dear gladiators will always look cute with a maxi dress or a bohoskirt w/ a character top :D

My take: Not exact but still using key summer trend piece, like the crochet vest

If you follow my tweets you would of saw me say my closet is going from tomboy to fab gal. My first pair of shoes (when I stopped being a dork and wearing sketchers) was a pair of zebra chucks. I LOVED THEM they had rainbow laces and wore them through high school. In college I graduated towards wearing combat boots and rocker dog slip-ons. My mom is so happy I’m wearing heels! And with styles these days it’s so hard not too! Not saying I won’t throw on a pair of chucks or too, but I think I’m finally growing up (NOT!)

I am still not done with my collection, I’m still lusting after some lace ups, colored heels, sabots, cute trainers, docs, & mini boots. And some really cute comfy flats for sooching around! These WC boots are pretty fierce I'm excited to see the rest of the fall collection XD

plus some cute pink heels from yesstyle, but i can't remember where I found them DX

I really love Shibuhara and I think if it weren’t for Jenny I would still be figuring out what I want to do. I simply cannot be a full time 109ner Jelly gal, and Ame-kanji would make me look like I lost my mind and started channeling my inner 6 year old. Shibuhara lets me explore my inner 6 year old without looking nuts and my cheeky side without feeling overexposed. Plus it helps me>make up my mind, I can go from mode to mori in minuets! I really want to thank Mistu, Jenny, Sara, Hana, Miruku even Tori for making want to say “what the hell, BE A GAL!” Heehee~

(btw, I changed my header AGAIN, I know, I’m so wishy washy..again, Shibuhara is for the wish and the wash :D)

happy friday :D