its just another manic monday

Oh boy, how was everyone's weekend, mine was hectic but GOOD! It was Panda's birthday (friday) so we basically celebrated Friday-Sunday. Haha~

BBQ with the family.

My brother BBQ-ed portabello burgers and corn. I love vegetarian meals yum yum! My mom went out to buy a cake but unfortunately Panda got a call from a family friend who needed a ride 30 miles away and had to leave early. We were going to go out later that night but we ended up not having enough time. When Panda got back, my family was sleeping, so Panda and I just watched cheers and 3rd rock from the sun until the wee hours of the morning. Random I know...

Here's my friday outfit, I feel so Lena Fuji-esque with my new hair cut.

Close up make, basic geos, ebay lashes, and 3d glasses!

shirt: urban outfitters
shorts: bcbg
usamimi: thirfted (it has anchors on it, how cute!)

Even though I planned on vegging out on the couch, my mom had other plans. We clean...deeeep cleeeaned (like cabinets and pantries and behind book shelves), for 10hrs....@_@

finally around 9pm Panda whisked me away to another local brewery..I got a cat fish po-boy yum yum!

Later we went back to his place to watch Dr. Who on the big screen (he has a projector) It was nice because his family is in Ohio for some business trip so it was great to be at his house without his lil bro and sis screaming and fighting and etc....=_=;;

Saturday make: same concept hee hee its my "go to look" maybe i need to up the blush and lashes...??

shirt: urban outfitters
shorts: bcbg (yep same ones, I NEVER wore them out fri XD)
hat: urban (I'm starting to become a walking ad for urban haha~!)
shoes: target

Last day of the Panda parade...(finally was able to do the cake and tricked Panda by telling him I was changing in the kitchen lols!)

I did a little more house work before my mom and I went shopping (I know I MUST SAVE ITS SO HARD WITH SUMMER SALES GUH!!) I picked up a layaway I had along with this cute crochet vest and perfect summer dress for throwing on for church and other functions. (pics later) I also finally got some denim leggings XD

I made pizza, three kinds, chicken BBQ, veggie lovers (with squash), and typical surpreme. Panda loves my homemade pizzas!

We went to go see Toy Story 3, which we were late for and ended up seeing it not only in 3d but on IMAX because it was the only venue left, of well!

IT WAS AWESOME & it has (this may or may not be a spoiler) TOTORO IN IT ZOMG! Surprisingly I did NOT cry, but I came close...pixar always makes me cry, but nothing will ever make me cried as hard as wall-e, I cried throughout the movie, and on my way home NO JOKE, and I'm NO crybaby, it just strucks the emotional chord on you and all your feelings come bursting out for no explained reason! To this day I cant watch that movie again 'cause I don't want to start bawling again! Isn't it SAD how pixar's movies have a better emotional pull on audiences than most movies do today cartoon or not? Whats up with the movie industry is cartoons are having better scripts and story telling?...tisk...

Close up on make *I was getting exasperated and kinda embarrassed because my family was there, thats my mom trying to give me bunny ears 9_9*

dress: yep you guessed it...urban...
shorts which you can't see: gift
vest: no brand

my mom said my dress wasn't very "lady like" but I denno...I think it's cute, maybe next time I'll wear it with my new denim leggings our tights so I don't look like a ho...haha

Purchase posts later! I don't wanna overload with pictures! Along with a haircut review~ Enjoy the rest of your monday, I think I'll go to bed early cause I didnt get home from TS3 until 1..@_@