born free

man did I get tan or whut! 'xuse the tired face i had been walking for like 6hrs...

New things, new things!!! Even though I should totally be asleep, I must blog before I go to beddy bye! I feel like it has been too long, but i forbade myself to blog until i finished eleanorzine, which I did so GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

My head hurts from formatting, this was by far my hardest issue, I never recieved so much feedback x_x i am literally KO'd which is why I am looking forward to my trip to mexicooooo!!!

Panda's dad invited me to tag along and I was like "OK!!!" its an all inclusive trip at a luxury resort in cancun, I've never really been out of the country either, so I am very excited to see Panda's home country and do a bit of shopping XD, the reason why i said "really" been out is because when i was 9, I went to Tijuana, and came home within the that doesnt count :/..

You can see my counter>>>>on my blog, plus you also see my eurovision counter as well! Even though I know its a ways away my family is taking a trip to London and Paris, well my mom is going to Paris to take some art classes and I decided to tag along and then so did my brother. Then we figured since we were going to Europe might as well go to London too! EE!! I may never want to come back!

So I finally got my passport which means I am TOTALLY broke, I had to get it I have to find ways of making extra cash for the trip. Plus I need to have a plumber come to the house so thats only more $ DX....I was thinking of selling new japanese magazines, would any of you be interested in that??


On another note, I know it's been awhile since I posted a coordinate post, I've been so busy (and not feeling well) and tired to get all fancy but here are some of my good days haha...

dress: urban outfitters hat: dkny shoes: steve madden

shirt: gifted belt: had since high school cardigan: h&m

dress: gifted

dress:gifted hat:urban outfitters blouse:free people

Plus I got some new things (some seen in the latest coordinate)

free people blouse

free people sweater

free people dress (it screamed mexico I had to buy it!!!)

free people blouse/jacket, Panda bought me this one, he spoils me soo XD

cancan hat- urban outfitters

As you can see I LOVE FREE PEOPLE, I'm trying to slowly allow it to take over my entire wardrobe, its so hippy-girlie-urban chic, everything I am and more! And I always fit an 'xs' in free It doesn't make me feel like a fatty DX

Anyway, I really need some sleep, I think I was just wired from working, but now I'm starting to crash so I will see you all in the future!! *YAWN*