I thought I saw your face today...

tut tut looks like rain....

And I love it! I really enjoy rainy days, I rested most of today because I was not feeling well so I didnt go into work. I didnt even wake up until mid afternoon! I guess my body had just shut down. My tummy still hurts though x_x

Last week Panda and I went to go see She & Him, actress Zooey Deschanel's band. It was an outdoor concert in millennium park. So of course we had a picnic! It was a really great concert and zooey is so cute.

Jimmy johnsu!

even though I didnt like 500 days, zooey is still a cutie...
Panda and I and all the people! There had to be 100,00 at least!

speaking of seeing faces, I saw this guy on the "L" that was a dead runner for doctor who (matt smith) he had the dissapearing eyebrows, gangly figure, cromagnon forehead! I tried to be discrete by taking this photo pretending I was making a call..haha. I hope this stranger doesn't read my blog. If so, I'm giving you a compliment, not many people can be so ugly yet so handsome at the same time. Here's the real matt smith below, doppelgang much?

On a less fangirl or more of a fangirl note... IM LOVING THE MODE LOOK! It's very street style meets gal IMO, something I can actually pull off without looking like a clown. I want to try some mode coordinates this week, I'll be sure to take snaps. I know you all miss my snaps I've been to busy to do them, but I will for sure this week! I'm going to stop at f21 tomorrow after work to try to find a bandage skirt. Ive seen them all the time but been to scared to try them. But now that I have lost weight, I'd say...why not. (read more about mode on mistu's blog)

Here's some of my favorite mode coordinates

Mode done the street way, I NEED MORE MESH MORE LACE STAT! I more than thrilled for the 1/2 off sale at the salvation army this weekend for fathers day :D everything is half price, time to find some vintage lace thingies! I got these images from lookbook.nu btw, if you want you can go to their pages by clicking on their images.

I love everything she wears, she's so versatile :)

These looks are from the July SCawaii I love cropped shirts, mini dresses, & lace tops. I just want to fill my entire closet with them! Perhaps its because I am an adult and can wear what I want now hahaha!

btw, check out thanh thao's giveaway! she's such a sweetheart, she even gave me an award!! thank you~ I will post it tomorrow! Now it is time for sleep!

lots of love