But It's Beach Day, Micheal

At first I was just going to upload a bunch a pics of everything I did so far this summer, but, it would have been tooooo much!So let's start where I left off, shall we?

Panda, the Gang, and I decided the beach (Indiana Dunes) would be a good place to go this summer...too bad we went on the crappiest day!

Zombie pancakes anyone? Panda made these before we left.

(Thats Panda in those waves btw, and "too bad" you can't see my 10 pack abs..lol)
It was really cold, rainy, and 60 mph winds off the shore. I guess I'll try again this weekend. I really wanted to go this past Saturday but then it went all rainy again. What's up with this bipolar weather we've been having?! Oh, well to be honest, I don't really like it very hot anyway, makes me fussy...hee..

In the end, we ended up retreating to Three Floyds, a local brewery that pretty flippin sweet! They show vintage movies and retro episodes of Doctor Who, NO JOKE.

This picture shows that I need more black friends..haha! The food there is amazing, just not amazing if you leave it out in the sun for 12 hrs and then eat it two weeks later....Yeah I did that a few days ago, and been regretting it since...DX

Have you been to the beach yet? How do you like these shorter posts?