Like the new look, thanks...Its not so barf in your mouth cute anymore. I'm always developing and growing, I think this suits me more...

Regardless, I'm thinking of going all Japanese blogger on you and having short posts via kana oya or lena fuji, ya know, because I dont have time, and I take all these pictures!! Would you mind if my blog post became shorter--yet more frequent?

AND YES I've been working hard on the zine, STILL, its really being angry and my InDesign keeps crashes and glitching, so hopefully it will be out by the weekend, next weekend at the latest. Working full time makes it difficult, but I did work pretty hard on this and I want it to be good, perfect even...for you. :)

So it hasn't all been the grind, I took last week off to be in the latest Ron Howard movie. I haven't heard back from the Glee thing. Which is good, but I was able to do my first real movie...pretty awesome. The part was small but I'm greatful, got to meet Winona Ryder :D and if my part doesnt get cut, I'll let you guys know when to go see it haha...
dorky dorky me infront of the makeup tint, it was a outdoor shoot

I also auditioned for Transformers 3, here's the line...OMG..I know, but totally worth it.

it was like 4 blocks long...haha

Hopefully, this acting thing will work out, it is my dream and all...I've been doing a lot of auditions, I think I am really ready to start following my heart, and stop being scared of not making it v_v

Anyway I got a train to catch, I leave you with my new favorite this every song. She is genius...

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