vendredi noir

Black Friday wasn't a complete bust, it wasn't a complete success either.

my mom was, of course, a little nervous about me going out but i live for this day. NOT for the sales, but for the sheer hysteria, whats more lovely than to watch american GO NUTS over stuff?

you can't make is an official black friday without a refuel at starbucks...
At first I was really bummed out, I mean we first went to target so my best friend's kid sister could get a new digi cam (then i saw the new polaroid instant, what!?) And luckily we were only there for like an hour, (not to noticiable half of that was in line) But later we went deep into surbubia into the mall I went to H&M (no SALE. or atleast nothing I really wanted) I didnt go to f21, my best friend wouldn't let me go in, because we both knew I would be full of regrets, they really only had jeggings on sale, AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I NEED i didnt get any. I also hit up J.Crew (fail) the gap, realizing the last time i actually liked the gap I was in H.S and wore there dream perfume, sephora, and a lots of other places as well...not really leaving with much. My best success was with Nordstrom, were I was able to snag all my favorite bands soooo cheap, because my peers in the suburbs love uggs, leggings, and performance outdoor fleece pull overs, so everything i like is usually a dollar! HA HA HAAA...

Pictures pictures, you want we go...


After the mall on our way to Nordstrom you can see i tried on this wicked red lippy, loved it soooooo much at sephora but it was 30$, which is a little high for something i'm probably going to lose forever....I also did snag that awesome awesome fur hat from H&M, I'm certian its made from little faux, btw I'm not really into the east coast /west coast; fur /no fur, I know its evil so is meat so is doctor robotnik, i get it...

Then we also have my gets:



Hat: H&M ($5!), Sweater: Vintage gift from my mom

Lace sweater: Target


Oatmeal Sweater: Nordstrom (dont remember brand, I think Vince), Plaid jumper dress: Freepeople

Awesome blue nubby scarf: H&M, it reminds me of all my 80s blankets and stuff when I was a kid!!


Even though I didn't walk away with bags and bags of stuff, (probably good for my pocketbook), I did feel good about my purchases, I didnt feel like (WHY DID I SPEND THAT MONEY) I feel that sometimes after hitting up sales versus buying what I wanted, but I really wanted a lace shirt, and the dolman sweater was even on my wish list. I'd always buy free people, the nubby was on my wish list and I love hats! SO I feel good! I also got some gifts (hince the sephora bag) I think i did great this year as for gifts ^^

did you all face the nightmare of the blackest night of the year? Or do you have similar sales in your country? Do you find either of it worth it or find yourself buying a bunch of stuff you don't need...

I got this little tip from Sasa, by seeing how things fit in my coordinates versus something that confuses my closet...I think by doing that on friday it prevented me from buying things that were "ooh cute!" but honestly a waste...

hope you all had a great holiday and or weekend! à plus tard!