galloping greedy gimmes

a lovely book that was read to me every year around christmas-time as a child, thanks mom

So every christmas I decide that I really don't want anything. I usually martyr up, say "I don't need anything" and get some silly knickknacks from the family, which I adore...don't get me wrong

well this year...ITS ALL CHANGED (not really) Ive really been getting into the christmas spirit, maybe its all the meds, maybe its jaynes card, maybe its the glistening lights. Regardless I've been feeling christmas this year indeedy. It took some time for me to convert of course, I needed it to be at least a month away, I am NOT a halloween christmas person, let me enjoy the spooky before we bring on the snowy.

Anyway, I decided to illustrate things this year that I absolutely love. I don't feel like I'm asking for much, in fact I'm not asking at all. I didnt tell my family I wanted these things, I'm an adult, I usually just save up and buy myself. And since this year theres like NOTHING I want for black friday (this year it seems like a scam, everything is like 2 dollars off X( ) After what I've been through these past days I'm like "it's a blessing I'm alive...IM BUYING STUFF..." I always tell myself no most of the time, I wait for things to be on sale, I buy groceries over stuff...but life is short why not enjoy it ^^ hee hee. I mean sure I love simple pleasures & I'm all for the real meaning of christmas& I kno tomorrow is the day of thanks, and we should be grateful everyday...yadda yadda..., but I digress on the the drawings right???

Candy Canes

the little dood is me, haha, wearing all of my gifts of course! HA! Are you like me where as soon as you get a gift or a new piece of clothing you wear it right away??? My mom used to hate that when I was a kid. I would wear back to school clothes in the summer before school even started! haha!

anyways...onto the links

and Holly
I also had some other things I liked that didn't fit the picture above:
Photobucket Photobucket
(aka my moms scanner sux! lol)

clearly I am having a matryoshka moment...but they are so cute I LOVE THEM HAHA...

anyways, I'm going to rest some more, it felt good to paint for a bit ^^ thank you all for your kind wishes through this time, I'm sure all will be better soon.

Take Care & HAPPY THANKSGIVING (almost!!!)