DIY Wednesdays

Hey guys, I'm starting a new format with a new year! I'm going to start having reviews, tips, and brodcasting things I've made! I got such great feedback on my Spa Sundays, that I've made some other one's too, like today which is DIY Wednesday! (even if there are 30mins left in the day for Chicago, better write fast!!)

So, I'm not sure if you guy's knew but I'm very much a crafter. Last week, whilst nuserying a new found cavity (my first ever!!! ;_;) and a visit from the dentist I decided to watch some crappy TV and finally distress some shortie shorts! I know Sara Mari and Jen already done so, but I was so inspired I HAD to try it myself!

So here's what I started with (sorry with the crappy foto >_<)
mega man say's "hello ladies!"
Panda won it for me in a crane game machine.

The shorts are altered are the one's on the far right (lightest blue) And they were all (you'll never guess) $2!!!! A store nearby was going out of business, they we're normally $60! YAHOO! I love the rainbow stiching in the black one's.

Anyways, here's the after

I just used a box cutter and an old teenvogue. I know they are not super distressed, but they are already short shorts, I didn't wanna look like a ho- fo sho! Plus to add that extra fringe I cut off the hem with makes a cute headband!

just crusin in panda's car,
by the way I'm wearing geo's magic circle lens just in case you were curious!

I'm going to leave the black one's alone, they are cute as is. But as for the dark demin I want to do this!

I wonder if I can make the fur part detachable so I can rock them in the summer without the fur...

Lastly I just want to say...
I'M ON TEAM COCO...seriously leno....SRSLY?! If they get rid of "the office" there is absolutely no point on watching NBC at all! NO POINT (I know this is old news butat least we finally stopped talking about tiger woods)

Keep it crafty ya'll, keep it late night.

so have you crafted anything recently?


Hong & Felicity said...
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Twinkle Magic Star said...

I can't wait to read your up coming posts <3

Awesome find its so cool how the shorts are only $2 each and I love how you distressed it looks so professional!

Great idea with using the fringe as a head band ^_^

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh your shorts came out looking very professionally done, great work! And it was so smart of you to put the cut off hem to good use as a cute head band^^ You only payed 2$, that is an amazing deal for expensive shorts!

I look forward to seeing the fur trim ones, that is such a cute stlye^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

DIY Wednesdays....I likey! I'm not a crafter in any way but I enjoy looking at what others have created. You did a great job on those shorts! Love your new Geo lenses. LOL at the "Coco"!

P.S Your mom's got the right idea! :)

Abby Kihano said...

i just would like to say that i think you're a very good influence for me here on blogger :P i mean DIY Wednesdays?! classic! you make me want to be just productive all vacation long!

nice alteration on the shorts too! $2 shorts! thrifty! awesome stuff! i love bargains! and sometimes, i go to the local thrift shop and spend long hours scouring for anything cute looking! LOL!

Leanne said...

you are so talented. i don't think i have the patience to craft and alter my clothing, which would be useful since everything is too big for me.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha..."Montezuma sitting on my face" is the most excellent description of that Aztec mask!! Smart cookie you are to not even touch it. JUST SAY NO! XD

Bianca said...

TMS: Thank you and thank you!!

Sara Mari: Thank you, I was going for that, yeah I'll probably get started soon

ShopNChomp: Ah thanks, and I love my geo geos! And yes, my mom uses the mask though and she's fine!

Abby: Thanks, I hope to see some of your creations

Leanne: thats the way to do it, especially since fashion seems to be at a stand still, making clothes is a way to by the time