snapshot and new job

Hey Guys, I thought I'd start sharing my clothes with you all, and of course I couldn't just stand there XD! Just in case you are curious I'm wearing tights from wetseal that are soooo betsey johnson, steve madden combat boots, target thigh high socks, uniqlo calavara T, amy byer sweater, and $2 shorts and winter wear...

Anyway, I have been hiding news from you all, I wanted to wait until it's gone all the way through, and the big news is...

I got a new job!

And not just any old job, I work in "the lab" of the department of Graphic Design through my school.

(the view)

I Looooooooove the Job, it is actually a tuition waiver! You work in the lab doing graphic design type duties for 10-12 hrs a week and they pay your tutition! So not only can I use this for my career and learn both new and old techniques, I don't have to have a hole in my pocket once I graduate!!!!

YAY I'm so happy...I started yesterday and boy am I beat! It's a very exhausting job, but I love it. And it sure beats starbucks. >:)

However today's duties were quite frightening!!! Me and another girl had to do some organizing and go to the classrooms and clean out the drafting desks. THERE WAS FOOD IN THEM FROM 2004-2006. How do I know? Because there were dates on them and they were piled on newspapers from the time. Not only was there a crap load of crap, but (and this is the best part) THERE WERE RAT FECES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! BARF! (luckily their owners never showed ><) I tried not to throw up, (and I was successful) but the girl I was working with was stone cold! It was like she was looking at raisins. (she's so brave) I thought I could handle ( i barely did ) because I grew up with 7 boys...oh well, hopefully the dirtier side of graphic design doesn't always have to be sooo poopy.

A more interesting and fun side was deco kei-ing the printer. NO SRSLY! My boss wanted us to color coordinate the printers so that students would know what to do. It was kind of like wrapping presents. It also kinda reminded me of ya kno, deco phones and stuff...hee, but honestly it is really cute and colorful!

(from the japanese mag scans community on LJ)

Anyway, I know my blog today is earlier than usual, I'm waiting for Panda, I know once he gets here I won't even look at the computer! We're doing our date nite on the cheapies! Money's tight now that he's graduated, and he's saving that he can move to San Fran...(hopefully I might go with him....weeeee'llll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tee hee) Therefore, we are making an old family recipe of Chipotle Chicken and watching hurt locker!! I cannot wait.

Anyways I really gotta pee...and Panda has arrived sooo toots!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh your outfit is so stylish and cool, you do a great job shopping!

And congrats on the job, that is so awesome you can do graphic design and get your tuition paid for. That makes such a big difference not to graduate with debt!

Leanne said...

Congratulations on the new job! It's always great to have a job which you love and will take away the debt. I'm so excited for you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats!!! Aside from picking up rat feces, the free tuition makes it quite possibly the best job ever for a student. :D Tee two are adorable. Have a fun night!

Sean said...

Congrats on the job. Do you do web design too? I occasionally need to outsource design jobs since I am a programmer, and not a designer.

Jenny said...

grats on the new job :D i'm looking for one 'cause the hubby is bitching about me not having one :(

Twinkle Magic Star said...


Congrats on the new job it sounds fantastic fellow graphic designer! ;)

Ray-Ray said...

congratulations on the new job! The rat poop must have been gross but rather that than a real rat right?

PetSugar said...

your posts honestly keep getting cuter and cuter and better and better.

Bianca said...

Sara Mari: Thank you, and thats my plan hopefully, I dont wanna pay back my debts x_x

Leanne: Thanks!! XD

ShopNChomp: Yes, feces = no fun

Sean: sometimes, email me if need be

Jenny: Oh boy! thats no good, I'm sure youll find something :)

TMS: Oh cool, we have lots in common it seems!!


PetSugar: Ah shucks thanks! XD