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Hey guuuuuuuyssss, sorry for being MIA for so long, I was simply just so tired from that first week of school. And I warned you, once Panda is around, all blogging abilities are LOST!

But I have stacked a few things to review. Over the weekend, Dave and I saw both Hurt Locker and Sherlock Holmes. AND......DID ANYONE WATCH THE GOLDEN GLOBES? They are like my rose bowl, while the Oscar are definitely my superbowl. I'm dead serious, I am a movie fanatic, I abosultely love the stories they tell, to quote Martin Scorsese

"Movies are the memories of our lifetime. We need to keep them alive."

Doesn't that just sum it up in the best way? Okay on to the reviews:

So I finally saw hurt locker after much ado. I really wanted to see it in theatres, but I ended up seeing 500 days of summer (which was very disappointing, oh JGL how could you) instead. So I was so excited to see it this weekend. However the movie left lot to be expected.

The film tells a story of a team of bomb diffusers in the current Iraqi/Afghanistan war. It immediately starts on the war grounds, setting the tone for the movie. While trying to diffuse a bomb with a wall-e like robot, the soilders find themselves having to diffuse it themselves because the robot falls apart. The bomb diffuser tries to turn off the bomb, but suddenly a man with a cell phone sets the bomb off and he dies. His teammates are distraught from losing their teammate especially when they were almost granted ability to return home. Later on they are given a new teammate, a thrill seeker a-hole type character, that the other teammates are not so willing to accept. Even though this man has successfully diffused 720+ bombs and survived.

The movie displays a small view of what it is like to be a soilder in the current war situation. You find yourself seeing how these men who appear to be so strong are very weak and stressed out. I like how you were able to see the bomb diffusers personality, him appearing as a very strong man-slowly falls apart mentally and emotionally. There were frequent moments of silence, which I'm sure were placed for suspence but I found them boring. And overall I feel as though this movie was not as great as it was hype up to be. I am a girl who loves her war flicks (I in fact hate chick flicks) BUT this one which was critically acclaimed to be seemless, had many tears in my eyes. I had potential to be so much better, but in the end it feel short.

So I give it a 2.5 out of 5
rotten tomatoes gives it a: 97%

I say rent it if you are intrigued by it in some way, if not, I would not watch this film as your introduction to a war style movie. There are plenty of them out there that are better such as Inglorious Basterds-THATS A WAR MOVIE, it gets 5 in my book!

As for Sherlock Holmes, this story needs NO introduction! I'm almost positive all of you are familiar with Mr. Holmes, and if not, search him on wikipedia or read one of his many many books.

Anyway, on MLK day Panda and I decided to go see a 5 dollar film. In my town you can see movies for 5 dollars with you club card. We drove to the local theater and the only choice was to see twilight....(oh NO) so we drove to another theatre, an older one that shows movies for a few bucks and gives you the entire vintage movie feel (velvet seats and all) but it is still closed due to illness (it run by one family x_x) Then we drove another 10 miles to yet another theatre and found out it did not start till 10:15 (which in retrospect was a bad idea I could barely stay awake in class today >_<) We got there at 8pm (the night started at 6:30, so we had been driving for over an HOUR) So we had to find a way to kill some time. I really had the intentions of seeing up in the air, but we missed the last showtime, sooooo we saw Sherlock. In the meantime we killed a LOT of time at Chipotle, which was funny because we got there and finished eating and it had only been 20 minuets haha...anyway on to the movie. Sherlock was a happy accident. It was SO steam punk which I loooove! And Robert Downey Jr was amazing! And hot, as always. Don't look at me like that HE'S HOT! (and Jude Law looks so much like one of my friends it amazing!) Anyways, the story did have its flaws but it my eyes it was way better than hurt locker. And please I am an independent movie girl. I go to film festivals, watch foreign flicks, I am not the typical movie goer! I don't understand how the movie did so poorly. I suppose the main villian left a little to be desired. Panda mentioned he should have been more like the magcians in The Prestige, which I agree, everytime he came on screen I kept saying "is that Andy Garcia?" I had low expectations for this film, and Panda and I always say before going to a "bad" movie to "turn our brains off" but I abosutely loved it. I think I'll buy it when it comes on DVD.

So I give it a 3.5 out of five
rotten tomatoes:69%

Overall I say, GO SEE IT, if you have some free time you'll definitely enjoy yourself. Perhaps another reason why I was so happy was that it was a discount ticket as well. I was so influenced by the flick I even dressed my poupee in Sherlock Style.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

I also want to review one more thing, which is MTV's new show My Life: As Liz (this review is good too)

I had high hopes for this, but I should have known that it would not be that great. I tell you that I would have you watch My So Called Life or even Daria instead. Freaks and Geeks is much better, this show tries TOO HARD. MTV is "claiming" that this show is NOT scripted, BUT COME ON! It tries TOOOOO HARD, she's vegan, she reads comic books, and acts TOO much like Juno. It has moments like mean girls, and Juno that obviously don't happen in real life. Sorry MTV I'm not buying what you're trying to sell me. (Nobody walks down halls in slow motion, and you obviously did not get your face smashed into a locker, that so scripted) Maybe if I was a 15 year old girl trying to find myself I would run into your fake TV show arms and giggle in glee that there is finally someone like me represented on the TV box, but today I'm too old and too smart for you to spit on my cupcake and call it icing.

I want to like Liz, but she kind of pisses me off with her urban outfitters, and ray ban glasses. She's like the girls who are like "ooh I want to be alternative" and try to hard and once in college they will act like the bitches they once were. People like ruined the face of hipsters like me. She reminds me of myself in high school, but I don't want her to be my representative. (hipster, all male friends, comic book nerd) Plus, how many teenagers have mini nooses to hang 5 carnations and attach them to your ceiling fan? And the guy she likes is obviously a douche

overall: 1.5 stars
I'll still watch it, hopefully it will get better, right now, it just tries too hard. Ugh Diablo Cody ruined "alternative" teenagers for everyone...I bet IRL Liz is like 22 and a method actor, this will probably end up like lonelygirl15. I just worry it's going to pump out more girls pretending to be alternative to be cool.

Anyway...did anyone watch the Golden Globes? I was shocked to Sandra Bullock win, I mean good for her, I just didn't know it was Globe worthy, and the Hangover to win best comedy. I didn't really like that movie, it was kind of cheezy. I love you Man was better in my book. Oh well, hopefully the oscar do not disappoint. I'm surprised Avatar won, it was good but..the script was a little pocahonty...I'm ready for the OSCARS

Okay guys, sorry about the less personal post but I promised to be more informative this year. Let you know what I like and hopefully introduce some of you to some new thingies! Until next time, it's time for dinner


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Thanks for the reviews, that's too bad Sherlock Holmes tanked. I didn't expect that really, but I'll still see it on DVD I think.

I never never watch MTV, not even when I was a pre-teen (their target audience). So I had no idea about that Liz show. Is she that red-haired chick? There's no way she's a teenager, unless she has some unfortunate genes XP

Ray-Ray said...

Sherlock Holmes had mixed reviews over here many were negative... 'Why is Robert Downy Jnr Holmes?', 'Why is guy Ritche directing this kind of film?', 'What type of genre is this film meant to be?'.... blah blah blah.

But to be honest I really wanted to see it I like RDJ he makes me laugh and action movies are awesome!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thank you for the reviews, Bianca! Tee hee...I love how your poupee is dressed in Sherlock Style! ;) I missed the Globes but am happy that I got to see the fashions the day after. :P

P.S Yep, can't keep away ;)

Abby Kihano said...

i liked sherlock holmes ^_^ i thought it was funny and sarcastic. but that's just me.

oh oh and i thought 500 days of summer was a big disappointment too. i swear... my friend kept telling me that it's a good movie but the rest of the time that i was watching it... i was scowling.

Twinkle Magic Star said...

Loved the reviews!

Its awesome how you sherlock'd your poupee! <3