DIY Wednesdays

Rember that pink scarfy I wore last friday? Well I made that! I was so inspired by the collar style/ muffler scarves seen in all the korean fashion websites.

It was really simple, all I did was take a square piece of fabric fold it in half and sewed it together like a pillow-leaving neck holes. I'm sure i didn't do it exactly like this but if you want to make one this is all you need to do. Especially if you use a knit/jersey type fabric you don't have to finish the ends.

Here's the finished product

As you all can all see, my hair is very very curly! I decided to give the straightening a break for a while. I would brush my hair a it would just break and fall out. It was so unsettling! So I decided to wear it curly. People always tell me to always wear it this way, but I get bored and I can't do all the cute hair styles seen in the magazines

I want to try some things out with the curly hair, and I'll post my trails and tribs on here. I will also rock my faux bob because it's not so hard on my strands. But I really need to be nice to my hair. Does anyone have any cute curly style besides just wearing it down? The girl below has the right idea i guess...


Is anyone else antsy for spring?? I know I am. So is poupee (and she's curly now too :D)

When I was looking through the Feb issues of Nonno, it just made me wish so hard that it was spring! (I can't wait to break out my nautical nonsense, oh why oh why did I let my mom talk me out of buying this shirt at uniqlo when I was in NY its everywhere and i want it so bad! I don't want to buy it from F21, uniqlo is better quality.)When I wake up the sun is out and I step outside and it's so cold >_<. Sometimes its too cold to be cute. Any one have the problem. I give kudos to girls who dress bangin EVERYDAY but somedays its sooo cold you just have to bundle up!!! I really want to get some cute outerwear that I can just throw on to be cute but to be easy! I really liked the letter on yesstyle for dear nikki, (even if the letter was just a bit ignorant) she usually has pretty solid advice, and she was right about investing in easy pieces to dress up. I am DYING for a baseball jacket, especially this one
sad cuz I'm broke-o

anyway, I am a bit tired, short post today guys. I think I'm going to call it a night, maybe a little pilates first.



Leanne said...

so talented. i don't have the patience to knit!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Luv your cute handmade scarf and curly hair. *^_^* I am totally antsy for spring!

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

That is a cute scarf, thanks for writing about it!

I like your curly hair, but since my hair generally doesn't curl well I never spend much time checking out curly styles.

I loooove spring weather, and I am sick of winter. But, I'm not ready to build a spring wardrobe!! TT
I love all my black for winter season, but apparently its white, beige and camel colors for spring.

PetSugar said...

wow you are really a well-rounded in cuteness girl lol. thanks for dipping way back to older posts and showing appreciation! lol i know little bukowski would love to know how much you "OMG LOVE" her store :))))

Twinkle Magic Star said...

Wish I was talented as you with sewing skills! <3

Tutti Patuti said...

wow i want to make one too ^_^

Ray-Ray said...

I've seen a baseball jacket on yesstyle but it has an 'R' for Ray I want it but...
1- it's too cold
2- I'm not 100% sure what wear it with...

Bianca said...

leanne: thanks! but i just used jersey fabric i didnt knit it!

shopnchomp: YES ME TOO!

Sara Mari: thanks so much. I'm ready for a new spring wardrobe too but i keep losing weight i dont want to buy yet!

PetSugar: heheheheh, i know i binge on your site so much cute!

Twinkle: thanks i wish i was better tho for sure!

Tutti: Its so easy!!

Rayray: JEANS so easy!