rainy day blues

Do you ever get those rainy day blues? My roommate refers it as post-holiday blues. We were on such a high with Christmas and New Years, friends and family. Vacation!!!

Now it's back to school, work, all that drab, and on top of it all, Chicago has been soooo


Don't get me wrong, I like rainy days, its just these have been adding to the dreary-ness of the post season.

Rainy days do give me hope, they allow me to believe that spring is coming!! On last thursday I got caught in the rain, (i usually expect snow) I chilled in a Starbucks to get away from it all, sometimes I just need to chill, going back to my apartment makes me feel "bleh" sometimes, it prevents me from being creative....i just feel sleepy (maybe because its soooo dry in there!)

Whilst drinking my unbelievably expensive 8oz tea, i sketched out my feelings....

please dont steal this w/o permission, i will find you and disembowel you :D
this character belongs to me

I'm still feeling a little bleu, part of it is missing Late Nite with Coco (WHY NBC WHY!!?) His last show nearly made me cry, but he's such a good guy, i'm sure he'll be back, and I'll be there. ( i wish i went to his show when he came to chicago!!! gah!) Other part is that I'm homesick. Most of my friends are at different schools and i only see them during breaks, and now that Panda's graduated i dont see him as much either. My brother works all the time, and my mom has another show coming up...so we are all back in the hustle and bustle...

I'm very much looking forward towards valentines day. It is actually (well the 12th is) the day i first talked to Panda 5 years ago. I invited him to my art show...he didnt come....but he's always made it up to me...

although despite all the rainy day slump, you know what always cures it...SHOPPING! At least window shopping (which you can do online, i feel like it helps me realize more that i have no money versus going to the store and impluse buying..heh..which was really HARD to do when i went to F21 after getting caught in the rain and saw this fifi shirt!!!) Pet Sugar did a great post on her.

I know i know I made this big schpeal about not liking gal, BUT HOT DAMN, it's soooo hard! Looking at the Feb Vivi (which i know isn't totally gal >:) ) Made me want to buy everything In the mag, I used to love it, then i didnt now i think I like it again.

I'm kinda glad to see everyone ditch there weaves for new cute crops...although i think Kiko really chopped hers off, she so much more edgy now! Luv it!

Oi! I have a question for you fashionistas out there? How does one love both Zipper and Pop teen? How can i incorporate green hair with Nonno or Vivi style???


Its so hard to choose a definite style, that i often fall into jeans and a cardigan! But what should I do? Most girls seem to fall into a category while i seems to blend all over...

how do you solve this?

Anyway, I should probably be paying attention in class now, so until next time

dont forget your umbrella


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Oh I totally agree, for me rainy days are good in this season. It means the wind won't make me get a runny nose and then freeze it on my face ><

I looooove your drawing and character. I would like to see more of your artwork!

I didn't know they were making Fifi shirts at Forever21, I'm going to have to check that out!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your artwork! You are so talented, Bianca. I know what you mean by the rain. It was raining like crazy here last week, and I think it's expected to come back again. Hee hee...I saw the Fifi tops at F21 yesterday but didn't think I could pull it off. You def could though! :D

Jenny said...

Seriously! The weather never helps get us over the holiday highs!! Instead it just makes it feel worse! D:

I'll admit I shed a few tears during his last show. Then last night I was flipping channels & saw Leno and got outraged X[ !!

Sorry you're feeling a bit homesick. Uni gets hard in that way with everyone going in so many different directions :(.

Loving Zipper + Popteen is the new best thing! shibuya + harajuku!! :DD Just do it! Green hair ftw and popteen-like clothes but in Zipper bright colors perhaps!

Twinkle Magic Star said...

Winter depresses me to I'm not looking forward to it... I just feel so much healthier in the warmer weather!

Your character is such a little sweetie!

I think you can pull off any style! You got something special about you <3

Bianca said...

Sara: Thanks so much, I'll keep working on it.

ShopnChomp: Thanks so much!!

Jenny: Yeah I hate how pompous he[leno] is about the whole situation, no class at all. And yes thanks for the encouragement, i'll try my best to do it all.

TMS: Youre so kind. I'm sorry winters coming for you, but that also means summer is coming for me!! :D