Little bit, little bit.....

Hey guys,

I had another post I was going to lay upon you about my shopping excursion in the big city, however, tmobile is not letting me get my pictures so you'll see it tomorrow luvs!

I'll just make this one a quicke, first of all, I want to give a big thanks to Lissy for giving me this award!

The instruction are:
1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.
2. Give a top 5 list of trivias about yourself.
3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing. :)
4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.

So...part uno: top 10 things that make me happy

1. Music

Music Playlist at

2.My family& Panda and the kitties panda rescues!! (i know this is like three but :P)


ah Schwartzman....

4. Indie Films at the Landmark or Music Box Theatre

three faves: brick, royal tenenbaums, and away we go.

5. Dark Haired boys in suits add a pompadour and IM SOLD (and yes if your curious Panda does rock a pompadour...heh)

tee hee!!! (and this is obviously NOT panda...sorry panda, i luvs uuuuu!)

6. Fashion

God Save the McQueen

7. Chicago Comics & Reading comics

local,pirates of coney island, american virgin, and kimi ni todoke to name a few....

8. Earwax Cafe

the menus are drawn by dan clowes and chris ware!!!
9. Tv, i like tv, (conan, seinfield, simpsons) I really like Target commercials..there so well made (TAKE THAT WALMART)

10. Video game marathons!

i love river city ransom!! and i'm so excited to play tatsunoko vs capcom!!!
Five Factoids about moi:

1. I love listening to my ipod during commutes and imagine mini films that go along with them

2. I always wanted to be a roller derby girl, but i fear paralyzation, there is this

3. despite every other girl in the world, I'm not attracted to micheal cera, and I'm tired of his character, it won't be cute when he's 30, he's no steve buscemi...

4. I'm a born again trekky, I used to be into star wars because of my dad, until I got the gospel of the federation and realized that it was star trek i loved all along. Me and my mom watch the shows all the time.

5. I try to win a ufo catcher doll every time i visit a new place (that has one) and if they have ms pac-man, ITS SO ON

And I tag (sorry if your double tagged it just means your so special)


Nite everyone!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...cute tag! XD I am so with you on the UFO Catcher thing. It is ADDICTING!

γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

Thanks for posting this, it's so great to learn about you. And you are so right about Micheal Cera. How long is he gonna be able to play that card?

I need to be in UFO anon. Haha, well the problem is I never win! And that just makes me want to try more ><

Abby Kihano said...

ahhh!!! thanks for the tag lovely!!!!

oh my gosh!!! i love love love pandas!!! i actually have a backpack of a panda.. thats how much i love them. lol. oh and my cellphone keychain is a panda.

ohhhh and dark haired guys like ZACHARY QUINTO (the one you posted up) is drop dead GORGEOUS!!! i love your taste!!! ^_^

and music on the go is always a lifesaver specially when you're commuting! ^_^

Twinkle Magic Star said...

I love roller derby!

Its so nice to know more about you <3

Bianca said...

SNC: I LOVE IT. I wonder how much money I blow on those things

Sara: Aw shucks, and lol, I bet the ones in Japan were cuter and had less crap than the ones here in the US that are filled with shrek toys

Abby: No prob doll!

TMS: Yeah, I totally want to go tonight but its too much monies :(