Hey guys, I hope you like the new 2010 layout..I wanted to make something whimsical and something that reflected me..I hope you can see the humor in it...

Plus, I hope you like my leading ladies on the banner, that's Anna Tsuchiya on the left and Gurico (a zipper model) on the right, I never realized how much they look a like, and even more so, I can't believe I've been following Anna's career for like 5yrs (that seems like a while to me) She's my favorite Japanese celebrity btw! Hee hee I'm glad she can freshen up the place...

Anywhoo, thanks all for the lovely comments on the last post, I'll be sure to keep opening up to everyone and not be shy! Oh and I'm up to 10 followers, whoohoo!! I thought I'd never get two! haha, ten in 2010, how symbolic right?

I wish I had more to say to you all but I don't, I guess I could say that I'm really sad that I start school next week, but on the flip side I only have classes 3 days a week. Thats the lux of being a 4th year---but don't get too excited, I'm definitely going to be a "super senior" next year because I changed majors and my school sucks ....soooooooo yeah :(

Anyways, I been trying to get all my to do's done!! I'll let you know at the end of the week my progress! Other things I have been pissing off my time with is playing games!! hee hee! I love my new Left 4 Dead game!! It's so hard though!

this is a screen shot b4 I die "go zoey go!"

You guys can get it here ..i think...panda actually gave it to me since I don't have a good enough video card to play the real L4D, but this one is just as fun!! And who doesn't love 8 bit music! do do do dooooo

Other than that not much has been going on, I finally saw avatar and had weird pandora like dreams.................., oh NOW I REMEMBER WHAT I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU..

duh, that's why I titled this post "origins" ....tee hee, look, I'm tired...-_-''

can't eat these no more

I'm sure some of you guys are wondering what's with the name, I don't think I ever explained it, but I will now, it's really simple. I chose egg rolls for flowers, because thats what I used to receive from panda when we first met. Not like a bouquet of them (oh god) but he would surprise me with them (back when my metabolism was faster and I could handle such a treat x_x) I would get them on my desk between classes in high school, or even on my door step when I got home. He would constantly bring me egg rolls, however, I think he's only brought me flowers a maxium of 6 times....I don't mind this, I just know the egg rolls where his way of thinking of me and bringing what he thought in his mind to be flowers. Most of the time they came with love letters or maybe even a little plushy or something. So that's my story, I hope not to disappoint, but to only make you giggle! I know f we break up I'll be stuck with this url, but eh, i still like it, (plus is a spin on the manga/soap/anime boys over flowers....)

Plus, when he does give me flowers, it's always so special and romantic versus "flowers again?!"

flowers from my sweet last year

I saved so many petals, I still remember my first rose on our first real date, if we do get hitched I want these to be at my weddin' but on thae other hand, I'm not much of a girl who fantasizes about her wedding too much, I want to get a JOB first...

such a bizarre rose, it resembles us..

Anyways, I'm done with this lame excuse of a post, I will reply to your comments asap! But first I need sleepies!! Why do I stay up soooo late >_<



Ray-Ray said...

Nice layout! I like Anna too I saw trailers for the movie 'Sakuran' and thought she was pretty cool i'd never seen her act before (only seen her sing)

Twinkle Magic Star said...

I love the new layout its so creative and those models look so pretty~

I like the origins of your url :D

I've never had egg rolls though I had love letter cookies and I think maybe they are similar?

Don't worry I think you can change your url in blogger dashboard settings not that you will need to <3 ^_^

My metabolism has gone to crap to haha!

emma said...

OMG that L4D game is so cool. I can't wait to get home and put it on my laptop!

Way cute blog as well! Following!

PS. I know your brother through online ties (lolz) so please don't think I'm too much of a creeper. :]

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the new look! :) You're right, they do look alike. Thanks doll for telling us the story behind your blog name. Very cute and made me giggle indeed!

Bianca said...

rayray: Oh you should watch kamikaze girls it's killer!! & Thanks

Lissy:lol!! thanks, and yeah no more sweets!

emma: nice to meet you! welcome welcome!

Lisa: yeah, i showed it to my brother and he thought they were the same person..haha -_-''

Shop N' Chomp said...

How typical of guy to do that...haha! XD

Yep, I feel proud of myself...woot! Thanks for the sweet comments! :)

Jenny said...

the new layout looks cute :D

just stopping in to say hi and check things out. it's my first time here :D

PetSugar said...

i love the name of your site. you better stay with panda if it means changing it lol. i don't care what he does to you hehe jk.

i missed you! just when i wondered where your sweet comments were you appeared again. you are among my favorite readers because you truly appreciate the art i post for what it is.

wow so you are a graphic designer? maybe you can help me come up with a new banner for my site! i wonder if my layout could be more dynamic/sparkly lol.

carmen said...

Cool layout! I did think they were the same person until I read your description.

And I think everyone should give people food instead of flowers--food is more useful XD You're right--flowers get boring eventually!

Jenny said...

5 years is definitely a good while! :D nice!!

Enjoy the 3 days a week thing while it lasts, before you gotta go back to the grind =T


Hello bianca!
thanks 4 stopping by my blog and spreding some love! Nice blog layout you got going on, and that game looks like fun!

Ray-Ray said...

@ Bianca, I've seen that movie I didn't realise she was in it she was the 'yankie' right

Leanne said...

Loving the new layout!

The story of how your URL came to be is so sweet :) I still have the rose I received on my first date from my ex tucked somewhere in my room. It's those little things which carry happy reminders :)

Bianca said...

ShopNChomp: good! I always do, and yes very typical lol!

Jenny: Thanks, I think I want to make it fancier, but I'm so lazy!! Welcome to my little bloggie!

PetSugar: Yeah I got busy, it all comes at once ya know! But yes, details I'd love to help, email me!

carmen: flowers dont make ya fat! thanks tho! hee

Jenny: I already do go back, it didnt even lasted before school started!! >_<

Sophie: It's so fun, and thanks!!

Rayray: OMG that movie is one of my faves, it makes me cry!! haha!

Leanne: how sweet! I have flowers tucked around too, egg rolls would just get smelly, maybe I should freeze one..haha!