new boom *pic heavy*

(whip it kana!)

Remember jenny's boom?

¿Recurdas mine?

well as stated before, I decided to re-do my look...again.

And I'm not sure why...

I have always been intp Japanese fashion, from at least junior high. Then the discovery of fruits and such. I'll say I had my fair share of neon leggings and hello kitty hair barrettes (lest we forget)

I wasn't until I discovered Japanese Magazines at Mitsuwa that I really got into it.

It started with Vivi (when vivi was more glam..i guess), then it went to CUTiE, then popteen, then went to korean uzzlang fashion...

None of these worked entirely. there were definitely elements I enjoyed but none seemed to fit me...

when I opened a recent issue of Vivi, I was terribly inspired by all the 60s gamine inspired looks by Lena, it made me go look at some of my mom's magazines (Fudge and Spur) and sent me into a whirlwind of inspiration....

I used to by Jille out of like but not love, but going through old issues i realized, I'M IN LOVE! (zipper i buy out of principle but i think i'm getting too old for it x_x...)

Its funny how this worked out too, I was reading MEKAS article about japanese magazines, and i fell into the category of street. It said most girls start with cutie or zipper, then move on to Jille, Mini, and Spring, then Fudge and Spur, and I have to say these are my faves!

They all have that hipster-esc urban outfitter's style without being a stuck up-coachella-bike riding-snob. I used to like reading Nylon (not since they went all mainstream on me...:/) and these magazines seem to carry on that Nylon idea...(btw does anyone notice after buying japanese or asian magazines in general, its terribly hard to go back to reading english one's? When I get a japanese one i feel like I'm getting my money's worth, while american one's are all ads..)

therefore, I decided to do a full on look book, inspiration book, hair book, EVERYTHING (because I obviously have all the time in the world for this -_-'') I want to fully commit to a look and not fall back into jeans and a t because I feel like I have nothing to wear or that it just isn't me.

This is the first time i feel fully confident in my look, the past ones made me feel like a poser and uncomfortable. Now I feel, "this is me!" and I feel like a lot of things i bought in the past that I just bought because I liked it, fits this look! Like it all led this way...haha

Onto my new...boom chika boom. ...

I've been doing research like CRAZY, and found some key elements, some things I learned about Japanese people, and people who get their looks right, is that they have like 10 max coordinates, its not about quantity, as much as it's about getting the look right....(each headlining picture is by roxy, feat Kana Oya (one of my favorite half models!!) I LUV ROXY since HIGH SCHOOL and I love its new look, its a grown up skater girl like me....anyways...

to begin with...FLORALS

has anyone noticed, in any style that florals are just sweeping fashion BY STORM?

I absolutely love all these looks by yesstyle, but my two faves would have to be the dress by Spring Girl and this one by Urban Outfitters.

One of my fave bloggers RiotousBelle where this urban one, isn't she just the cutest?

I really look to bloggers for inspiration, like Shan Shan, here florals are both sweet yet, classic.

Even in Jille (feb) and Spring (march), & Fudge (feb) florals are it!

I already have quiet a few florals myself, even some beautiful vintage dresses and stuff i bought at urban. I really want a dress or two, and I really might get the one from spring girl and urban :D

Americana Prep...

I always loved preppy style, not "i'm a douche bag and where hollister and sweatpants" preppy, but like classic americana almost french style. Again Shan Shan hits it on the nose!

which obviously says that i NEED colored socks and a can can hat! Blogger Shae has her own sweet twist on preppy.

I also saw these two coordinates in the feb issue of jille, and loved them! (upper right corner)

demin shirt with a knit stripped pullover, who knew!?...these similar styles from Double U are love!

Nautical Nonsense is something I wish...

I LOVE NAUTICAL...I LUUUUUV IT! And I'm so glad everyone else does too! These looks can also be seen as americana prep too, because I suppose nautical makes you think of rich people in the hamptons (or pirates....or spongebob) But I simply love it. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?!! YIPES STRIPES!!!!!

hee hee, that's right, stripes! Fat one's skinny one's, vertical and horizantal, I LUV STRIPES. The new roxy gets on the boat! (lawls)

Plus so does, uniqlo, fudge, spring, and spur (again i need a can can hat!!)

(milk fed!!)
Align Center

I also saw this sweater on yesstyle that reminds me of the Lawin Tee in the spur spread, and its like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper, that lawin tee shirt is the same price of like a used car..heheheh...^^()

also a simple shirt from AA captures the look without having to stand out too much. It can help enhance coordinates without being overdone...

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

anyway, that's all I have researched so far. I have TONS more pictures, but I'm sure your computer hates me now (sorries!) I'M SO EXCITED about my new look and can't wait to start shopping!!! But now, it's time for me to head home from work, gotta a big day so until next time, thanks for enjoying my boom. Try one, it's really helpful for defining your look!


さらまり said...

Wow, you shared so many great examples of your fashion style. It looks very stylish and comfortable as well. I hope you have a great time putting together your look^^

megan said...

Good luck! I think it's a good idea to focus on what you really want and like, that way you don't waste time and money on a bunch of junk. It also pulls your personal style together.

Oh, Nylon. Nylon is a magazine that I like/hate. They clothes they feature and products I usually like, and it's great because sometimes they are things that I can actually afford, but then I read the text and I hate it. Text wise it's usually pretty dumb and has this weird hipster bitch vibe about it that I don't like. Plus, last month they had the cast from Vampire Diaries on the cover. >_>

Shop N' Chomp said...

Boom boom WOW! I have a particular weakness for florals. I dig all the pics you've selected. =)

Jenny said...

Whooooot! This is sorta exciting to be honest XDD!! You know what I noticed too with ads in Japanese mags, majority of them are tie-ins! The hair adds will have tutorials and the make ads use the magazine models. Also, Japanese mags have a steady stream of the same charisma models which I think help make it feel... I dunno, like a part of something bigger?!

Pretty pretty florals and textures!!

Bianca said...

Sara: Thank You. I hope I can pull it off im so inspired by everything!

megan: I KNOW RIGHT, vampire diaries, FTW?!

Shopn: haha you make me giggle

Jenny: Thank yous! I didnt know they were ads, but it because they are well made unlike american mags were its like "this is an advertisement" american mags are a SNOOZE FEST!