best weekend ever...

(panda and I at reckless)

It truly truly was!

I must say, its been a while since a had a GREAT weekend, and I have to admit this one was the best. I think the best part about it was, nothing was preplanned, really...

some of the worst weekends I have are when I went through weeks of pre-planning and then it doesn't turn out the way I had hoped. This weekend was..PERFECTION to the tee!

So where do I begin, let's start with friday....

I had to work in the GD lab, of course, but afterwards I was whisked away to kamehachi sushi bar. It's supposed to be one of the best and Chicago's first sushi resturant. Panda and I went as a double with one of our good friends and his lady friends ('who was not his date' heh) That resturant it UBER expensive, but the lady friend had a coupon for $50 dollars off! And trust me when I say we went waaaaaaaaaaay over that, hahah!

the food was delightful, and the place in old towne

It was so delicious! It melted in your mouth, and DID NOT taste like the bottom of the sea. I MUST GO THERE AGAIN! I'm sure if me and Panda go it wont be as bad price wise, but who knows everything tastes so good!

Afterwards, we had our monthly game night, which was very fun! I had a good time catching up with old pals, especially since for once, Panda and I were early and able to talk with people versus getting there late and there's like 30 ppl crammed into one apartment....

I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn for work, but it was fun and thats when i wrote my last post because my boss had nothing for me to do and TOLD me to go piss off time online..hah!

Afterwards, I me and panda took a BIG OLE NAP because we were soooo tired! Instead of going out for breakfast. When 4 o'clock rolled around we finally got up to go get some bread and mexican hot chocolate!

yum, yum yum!

It was so good! ( My apartment is right next to a primarily latino neighborhood, its super cool though)

That night, Panda and I geared up to go to chicago comics for a book signing! Artist Becky Clooan and Jeffery Brown were some of the artist there.

cute lil becky!

We totally geeked out and got them to sign our books, tee hee! Plus, I got Mr. Brown to read one of my comics and he loved it! I was so very pleased!

autography from jeff, it looks like it belongs it the book!

sexy sig from becky! hee hee

my swag for the day!

For dinner we went to our favorite cafe, earwax of course, I got a pulled pork and he got a bison burger. It was so good! Plus we had to stop at reckless records for a bit of photoboothing!
this is actually from the last time we went to earwax in jan, with a photobooth picture, of course!


Sunday started off as a good day, I had intended on coming home to my mom's house for our annual oscar party. turned out she was really sick and had to cancel. I was so disappointed because I had planed to do this for a while. Luckily, Panda came by and whisked me away to the Japanese market place to cheer me up! Is he not the sweetest???


magazines to last me a few months..haha

Free gift with mini (zebra tote I love zebra!) and milkfed from spring!!

Plus, I looky what I got...


I always wanted one, and I was afraid I missed out forever! I'm so glad I found it versus paying for a knock off one on ebay -_-'' I love the cher books,

(Plus, I'm glad to get all those other little cases for my electronics and such, especially since I keep spilling things in my purse. i just spilled chocolate mousse in my bag two weeks ago and everything was RUINED, luckily Panda and Mommy came to the rescue!)

Finally, that nite Panda and I of course watched the oscars, had joy yees (beef cubes in a tomatoes sauce yum yum!) and snuggled until he went home. Plus in the morning my roomate (who works at the gene siskel film center) brought me home THIS from the chicago oscar party!!

Eli's cheese cake! A goodybag filled with free services at elite chicago boutiques and salons, and AN OFFICIAL OSCARS PROGRAMME THEY RECIEVE AT THE ACTUAL ACADEMY AWARDS!

IT WAS SO STELLAR! I'm still geeking out! Thank you!

so that was my weekend! pretty nifty eh? I gotta say I'm truly blessed with such great family and friends. I'm glad my roomy and I are friends again and that my relationship with panda is fantastic. this was truly my best weekend of 2010, I wonder how were going to beat this now..haha!


γ•γ‚‰γΎγ‚Š said...

I'm glad to hear your weekend was so great! You packed in so many fun activities^^

Oh lucky you for getting the Cher bag, I'm jealous! haha. I wish we had Mitsuwa around here

Tutti Patuti said...

the cher bag is cute...

but i want the sushi more.. hahaaha

i've been craving sushi for a while but it's so expensive.. .and sushi in america is not as good as sushi in japan...

Shop N' Chomp said...

It was totally nifty!! I can't believe you got an official programme. That is sooo cool. =D

Love that pic of you two...

Oh and you cracked me up with the comment you just left me....haha!! :o)

Twinkle Magic Star said...

Yay you got a Cher bag! SO LUCKY!~

I love the photos you guys look like so much fun to be around~!

Haha @ the boobage book :D

Bianca said...

Sara Mari: Drive out to this one LOL no youre better off with the real deal: JAPAN, haha!

Tutti: Thanks Im really excited, sushi in america taste like fast food cheeseburger crap

Shop: Thank you, were are a goof troop, glad I could make you laugh at my misery, lol

TMS: Im too excited to read everything i have been hesitating to look at it, i dont want to waste it!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for your lovely comment (^__^)
Ah, the best times are those that are unplanned. Pressure to have fun spoils it sometimes, that's why I love spontaneity.

I'm looooovin' your new Cher bag. No matter how many times I see that bag I'll never get tired of it. Treasure the bag, girl!! <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...thanks so much for the offer. *hugs* I'm sure I'll find a similar looking one! Ooh girl, def try the Japanese hair dye next time. :)

Ray Ray said...

Wow! you look like you had a super great weekend! Is that an issue of 'Supermarket' i see in you comic swag photo... I've read that its so good!