he did the monster mash

Might I add that is totally one of my most favoriest songs (yes I know my grammar was horrible in that previous sentence)


I recently went to a horror movie fest with the boys. It was a lot more fun that I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, I love old films but I understand my generation’s attention span lasts for like 2 seconds…regardless it was great. The line up was;

The Phantom Planet
King Kong vs Godzilla
The House of Dracula
The Hunchback of Norte Dame
The Manster

the beautiful theatre...

We missed The Phantom Planet but caught all of the KK v G which was hilarious and amazing! After seeing it my brother and I had a massive craving for sushi and went to an all you can eat buffet of it. I never thought I could eat so much raw fish DX. The quote of the night on that one was “ we really screwed the pooch on that one” And yes, yes we did…I thought I was going to die or at least sushi was going to start spewing from my ears….
i always spill my soy

We got back just in time for Darkman, which is a Sam Raimi classic! I had no idea that Liam Neeson was in it which really made me understand some of his recent choices in films. It was HILARIOUS and soooo Raimi, plus when Bruce Campbell showed up I almost screamed out loud…okay not almost, I just did. Plus Panda and I high fived when we spotted this little number…


The Infamous Evil Dead car used in ALL of Raimi’s films, i.e. uncle ben’s car in spiderman, the crazy old lady’s car in drag me to hell. If you didn’t notice this, see if you can spot it now.
Overall this was a great experience, I spent it with my two favorite guys in the world and it took place at the portage theatre, this beautiful hidden gem of the city. It is starting to fall apart in some ways and was a little moldy, it made me a little sad but it was still such a beautiful old building, and HUGE! I am definitely going to the Halloween havoc next month I cain’t wait!